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11 Screenshot-Worthy Beachside Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation

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Summer 2024 is right around the corner, and the best thing about this time of year is a full-out beach day, there really is nothing like it. Let’s set the scene; a stripy red and white sun bed with a matching parasol, a drink or two by the crystal-clear water, a perfect day that cannot be complete without an elevated beach look! This summer we’re all about sophisticated meets laid-back, effortless styles that are not only practical but stylish and curated to perfection. Think beyond the bathing suit, we’re talking cover-ups, bags, sandals, sunglasses, and anything to step up your summer style and step out on your holiday looking incredible. What People Are Wearing is here with a full guide for the best elevated beachwear inspiration, from outfits to accessories, the whole shebang! 

1. The Swimming Suit

Not only are they so fun to shop for, but swimming suits truly are the most versatile pieces of clothing to ever be created. They fit any body type and work for every style and aesthetic, overall, there are so many to pick and choose from which is amazing considering that everyone is different! This upcoming summer 2024, we will be seeing many different styles of swimsuits taken to the beaches; 90s minimalism, tankinis, printed suits, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re more into the simple styles or all out, this year there is a style for everyone. 

Reformation’s whole swimsuit line is so beautiful and colorful, but we particularly love this red and white one-piece that will make everyone’s head turn! It also comes in icy blue which is another trending color for the upcoming months.

This bikini from Reformation can't go unnoticed, love the high rise bottom!

It just screams 'take me to the South of France'

A swimsuit collection cannot be complete without STAUD, and we found the perfect bikini for every occasion. This beautiful two-piece has amazing beaded detailing on both pieces and is just perfect to pair with any contrasting color and fabric, this delicate bikini is really something else! 

SAME never disappoint with their swim collection, this bathing suit is timeless and perfect for every destination!

2. Cover Ups

Starting strong, the cover-ups! The heart and soul of your elevated beach look. Your choice sets the whole tone of the outfit, whether the color, the pattern, or the fabric; it’s a difficult choice, no doubt. However, you can never go wrong with a little crochet number to keep you warm after a swim in the water. 

It doesn’t matter whether your crochet of choice is a skirt, dress, or top – either choice is unquestionably the right one. The fabric gives dimension to the outfit, we know the saying; if the outfit is not interesting by shape, it has to be interesting by texture! Crochet is the perfect example of an elevated beach look. You can style it simply with any basics of your choice or 

a little more outgoing! In terms of colors, summer is always a great time to wear your bright hues, but neutral tones are always a winner in our eyes. 

Shop The Style

We found similar black crochet bottoms like the ones in the photos, they’re a no-brainer for the beach!

This beautiful black and white crochet dress is a combination of basic yet sophisticated. We love the pattern and the colorway; this is the perfect cover-up! 

Super similar to the top in the photo for such an affordable price point!

The ultimate vacation cover up from Mango's newest collection

3. The Bags

Your precious belongings deserve a comfortable bag that will upgrade your look. Beach bags are so versatile and the possibilities are endless, it’s the ultimate way to accessorize your outfit! We’ve all seen the viral STAUD Tommy bags, but did you know STAUD also has perfect tote bags that can double as a beach bag?

summer beach vacation essentials

This little fish basket bag is the perfect beach bag, and not because of the literal fish! It is pretty large so it can fit all of your necessities for your beach day, also, the colors are so easy to pair with almost any outfit.

summer beach vacation essentials

STAUD also has the perfect pop of silver to incorporate into your look, you can never go wrong with some silver.

Going back to classics has never gone out of style, so any whisky beige tote bag does the trick! We took inspiration from this outfit and found some great alternatives that are just perfect for summer. 

If you’re more of a clutch type of girlie, don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect clutch for you too!

4. The Shoes

We can already imagine it; you’re wearing your beautiful crochet cover-up accompanied by the beach bag of your choice, but you’re missing the perfect pair of shoes to go along with it. Shoes are a little tricky because you want to be comfortable but also look your best, so you need an in-between that maintains both conditions. While most people opt for a trusty pair of flip-flops for the beach (and there is nothing wrong with a good pair of Havaianas), here are some chic and delicate shoes that will upgrade your beach look! While we love this monochromatic two-piece moment which can definitely double as a beach cover-up, the shoes here are everything we’ve wanted. Comfortable and oh-so chic!

These would pretty much, match any outfit!

These would pair perfectly with the Staud bathing suit

5. Sunnies

No beach look is ever complete without a chic pair of sunglasses. Now, we know what you’re thinking; not all faces match all glasses! And while that is true, there are lots of great options for all kinds of face shapes. Summer 2024 doesn’t have a specific leading trend in terms of eyewear, so it’s fun to choose from any style that tickles your fancy. Sunglasses are such a confidence boost and are so good to tie in your final look, here are some great picks that will work with all of your elevated beach looks! 

Revolve has such a variety, but we specifically love the classic round sunnies that just scream sophisticated! And they’re so affordable too! 

If you’re more into a larger frame and want that wow effect, these light-colored lenses will give you exactly that. 

6. Acessories

If there is one thing we know about this Summer: it's all about gold & bold jewelry! Bonus points for styling your jewelry in a unique way, and for not being afraid of taking fashion statements with them! Bold jewelry is the fastest and chicest way to elevate any simple outfit, and to add that perfect finishing touch that screams "you."

Earings can add so much when it comes to you beachside attire!

Absolutely love anything Brinker + Eliza!!

We can agree that any beach look will be fabulous with a tan and a smile, that serotonin from the sun will definitely elevate you! So grab your SPF, protect that beautiful skin, and go outside feeling your best, but also looking your best! 

This article was all about 11 Screenshot-Worthy Beachside Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation

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