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49 Shades Of Gray For Fall

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This NYFW was dominated by a sea of monochromatic gray looks, giving attendees a new way to play with the usually dull color. Spotted among the crowds were plenty of oversized blazers and mini skirts, with dashes of cardigans and trousers.

The minimalist look has been refreshed in a very chic way this Fall. In Linoy’s interview with Melissa (@mimiarr) she says that her favorite trend for fall is the minimalistic style with 90’s influences. Her outfit perfectly captures the essence of this fall-- chic and simple with accessories that make a statement. She has a gray cardigan, gray trousers, matching gray bag, and black pointed flats to finish off the look.

Here is Mimi's look on the right and on the left is Linoya recreating her outfit as part of the '30 day challenge'.

These pieces are perfect for a monochrome gray look and can give you that effortless sense of sophistication for this fall.

Oversized Blazers & Skirts

Another way the monochromatic gray trend can be styled is with a stylish oversized blazer. You can’t go wrong with a blazer- it’s modern and can be paired so many ways. My favorite look recently has been an oversized blazer with a matching mini skirt. This outfit has such a playful yet put together vibe, and the monochromatic gray adds to its everyday wearability!

Sweaters & Trousers

For a truly head-to-toe gray look, wear a gray sweater with a smart pair of trousers. This pairing is perfect for casual wear or for a more mature vibe. Fall is the perfect time to rock your favorite sweaters, so try the monochrome gray trend with a sweater and trousers!

Sweater & Mini Skirt

The great thing about a monochromatic look is that you can style it any way you want! Mix and match with pieces until you find your perfect match. Pair a sweater and a mini skirt together for such a playful and chic outfit.

The Style guide:


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