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Coachella 2023 - Essentials You'll Actually *need*

I went to Coachella last year for the first time, and I made a lot of first timer mistakes! To save you from making the same mistakes I did, I gathered a list of things you will need to fully enjoy your Coachella experience!

The lineup:

#1 Hat - the cuter the better! And you will need it to prevent a headache and protect yourself from the sun!

#2 Backpack - you will get cold at night, make sure to carry a jacket with you! You'll need it for your water too.

#3 Portable charger - cannot survive without this one!

#4 Sunblock - no further explanation

#5 Advil - it gets really hot, and last year I got the worst headache of my life! Make sure to carry some type of headache medicine with you, just in case.

#1 Hats

It gets hot, really hot. And you won't always be able to find a place to hide in the shade, last year I actually got a major sunstroke on the second day and this year my first priority is staying protect from the sun, and in style!

Here are some cute hats I found

#2 A Bag

As hot as it gets in the sun, during the night it actually gets really cold, you'll need to have a small jacket or even long pants! The bag is perfect to fit in the bag some essentials like a portable charger, sun block and the rest of your personal items.

#3 A Portable Charger

#4 Sun Block

#5 Advil

I specifically like this one because the packaging doesn't take up any space

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