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Fall 2023 trend predictions

Writing this blog post is making me so, so excited for fall. Styling layers, boots, and scarves just gives me all the cozy vibes. The fall of 2023 is set to bring a lot to the table and showcase a variety of unique styles!

The first trend that I believe we'll be seeing a lot, inspired by Scandinavian fashion, is the classic and timeless trench coat. A new twist on this timeless trend is the cropped trench coat. I envision it being styled like this:

The trench coat is an excellent way to elevate your basic comfortable outfit. You can still pair it with sneakers and achieve a very chic look. Another observation I've made is that people often pair it with a large bag and something colorful to break the monochromatic appearance.

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Another trend I believe we'll be seeing is long loose fitted jeans (not low-rise!) with pumps. This fall it's all about "mix media", combos that in the past we haven't seen a lot of but are slowly gaining popularity. In general the pointy shoe is back! I don't believe we'll be seeing square toe this upcoming season. Here is a little style guide:

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Big bag trend has entered in summer but I believe it will only grew more in fall! I personally love this trend because for once its a super practical trend! I mean the small bags are cute and all but you can hardly even fit a wallet in some of them!

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Biker boots! I already made a full blog post about it click here to read more!

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Okay so remember how I mentioned "mix media" outfits this fall? A really big one will be super girly flirty skirts, short and long combined with an oversized leather jacket. We'll be seeing a lot of sheer bottoms and asymmetrical skirts. I personally love this trend and definitely expecting to see a whole lot of it in NYC soon! Here is the style guide:

I know the sheer style is definitely not for everyone! But if you're into it I found this exact white lace skirt on Amazon for less than $10!!

That's all for now!! I hope you enjoyed this trend prediction :) Can't wait to report live from NYFW in two weeks!

Lots of love,



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