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"I moved to Paris to study fashion and now I work for Jacquemus"

Meet Or, the girl who is -truly- living the Emily in Paris dream. She moved to Paris 2 years ago to pursuit her dream of working in fashion. I remember when she first told me she was moving to Paris, I was so excited for her, sounds like she was about to live the dream! Or studied at the Istituto Marangoni Paris, interned for Moncler, and now works at Jacquemus - her dream brand as a non-French speaker! Here's the little sneak peek to her life, how she managed to get there, advice, and some of her favorite spots in Paris!

a gril standing on a terrace in front of the Eiffel tower wearing a black dress

What did you study? For how long? What's the process like?

I did a master's program at Istituto Marangoni Paris, specializing in luxury fashion business. It lasted for a year and a half, with a year focused on formal studies and a mandatory six-month internship. The best part is that the school is international, so all the classes are conducted in English, which means you don't need to know French!

How did you find yourself working at Jacquemus?

a girl in her office wearing casual business look

While I was studying, I had some amazing internship opportunities during fashion week with brands like Dior, Isabel Marant, Loewe, and more. After that, I landed a six-month internship at Moncler. Just as soon as I finished there, I got accepted for a job at Jacquemus! I was beyond excited to start there because it had always been my dream to work for that brand and grow with them. It's been an incredible journey so far!

What's your advice for someone who wants to move to Paris and work in fashion?

Networking! It's seriously everything! When I first moved to Paris, I didn't know anyone. But I took a leap and put myself out there, meeting tons of incredible people who brought amazing opportunities into my life. You know, when I first arrived, everyone said I couldn't find a job without speaking French. But I refused to let that limit my dreams and goals, and It totally paid off!

dream job elevator selfie at jacquemus office

What's your position?

How does your typical day looks like?

a girl wearing a chic outfit in a classy Paris Restaurant

I'm working as a collection merchandiser and creative, every day is very unique! That's what I absolutely love about this job. Some days are filled with exciting creative brainstorming sessions and sample meetings, while others involve more administrative tasks. Right now, we're actually working on some super cool projects that will be launching soon, and I can't wait to see them come to life, and we're also gearing up for our iconic yearly fashion show, which is always a highlight!

What are your 3 top favorite spots in Paris?

Chez Janou- must!


Lolo Cave a Manger- if you know you know ;)

a girl sitting at a Parisian cafe holding her phone

Favorite workout, favorite meal, favorite walk

Fav workout: Episod bootcamp

Fav meal: Chocolate Mousse at Chez Janou

Fav walk: across the river all the way to Luxembourg Gardens

Follow Or here! She shares a ton of fun content, tips and all about the Parisian dream!

Instagram: @OrrGerby

Tiktok: @OrInParis



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