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I Packed 21 Gorgeous Vaction Outfits in My Carry-On Using the Viral 333 Method

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Packing a carry-on for a week-long vacay to Italy may sound like a super simple task for some but for others is just… stressful, to say the least. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Inspired by one of Linoya's latest reels for What People Are Wearing where she put to the test the viral 3-3-3 method, we decided to transform it into an article. The key of this method is in picking pieces that can go together with each other to create different looks while also relying on accessories and shoes, and of course, styling!

If we say 3-3-3 means we will bring three of each piece, so 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 3 shoes and 3 accessories. However, you could totally do 5-5-5 or 7-7-7 depending on the type of trip.

Here are the 21 looks we curated for you using the 3-3-3 method

European capsule wardrobe edition.

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You want to go for versatile, good quality pieces. Shirts are great options as they double as a light coat if it gets a little chilly. Here’s what we would bring:

  1. White shirt: is there anything an oversized white shirt can do? Can be tucked in, can go on top of a tank top, can be a swimsuit cover up, can even be a dress if long enough! 

2. Tank top: it just can’t be missing on your suitcase. It’s the most basic piece of wardrobe! Pairs amazingly with all kinds of pants & skirts for a casual look but can easily be elevated.

3. Lightweight cardigan: love a nice cardigan as a top for a more sophisticated look but also to wear on the shoulders! Such an easy way to bring with you a piece can give you many options to achieve different looks!

4. A blazer vest: a vest is such a good piece to wear on its own with jeans to get that casual-dressy look but also to layer with a top and a skirt for more of an edgy vibe. It’s going to be the sophisticated piece you want to take with you!

5. Black top: you really can’t pack a carry-on without a black top. Is everything you need when packing light: timeless, extra versatile, comfortable and of course, flattering. Go for the style you like the most. A round neck never fails but you could go for a high neck if you like it better.


  1. White jeans: jeans’ cut are so personal but my go-to is always a straight one since I think they look more sophisticated and nice. I would recommend to avoid super tight jeans since you want to aim for comfort and breathability. 

  1. Wide-leg trousers: you will get so many outfits out of these since they look beyond classy and cool at the same time. They pair amazingly with everything regardless if you are going for a more urban look or a dressier one.

  1. Black mini skirt: the go-to piece for a night out while vacationing but also great for a nice daytime dressy look. It’s such a staple that looks so delicate and makes any outfit look effortlessly chic!

  1. White dress: this one counts as two as it can be worn not only as a dress but also double as a skirt! Definitely go for a style with a nice top part so it can be the fancier piece you save for a special occasion during your vacay.


Since shoes are usually the most heavy thing and you don’t need as many, we will only do three in this case.

Pro packing tip: always wear your heaviest shoe to the flight (nobody likes paying for overweight).

  1. A pair of comfy sneakers: you will be walking a lot and you need a comfy pair of shoes for that! Get a chic pair of sneakers in neutral colors and you will find yourself wearing them daily, not only during vacay!

  1. Flat casual sandals or slides: you want to take with you a practical, comfortable and of course cute pair of sandals! Finding a perfect pair that works for the beach, for a stroll around the city or for a casual dinner date will save you so much space!

  1. A nicer pair of shoes: honestly, here it’s up to you and your personal taste. If you prefer a high heel you can totally go for it, but a pair of dressy flats will not only work but you will definitely wear them a lot on your trip due to its comfort.


Accessories is the number one factor that has the ability to completely transform and upgrade an outfit. Jewelry, headbands, silk scarves. cute hair clips - they all have the power to take a basic look from "ok" to "wow." Nothing like a golden bangle stack with a color splash from a silk scarf and a white dress to make the perfect summer look.

Pro Packing Tip: Take your biggest bag to the flight, in the bag you can put smaller bags and accessories inside the smallest bag.

  1. A bag: go as versatile as possible! Extra points if you can find one that you can wear multiple ways like crossbody, as a clutch or carry it by the handles. That will impact a lot on the overall vibe of the look!

  1. Jewelry: chunky, gold jewelry can add the perfect extra detail! Don’t go too crazy, sometimes a little goes a small way. A nice pair of earrings or a statement necklace will do it.

  1. Hair accessories: it can be a claw clip, a headband, bows, a scarf… it can not only add a pop of color or a nice touch but also keep your hair from bothering you while still looking chic.

  1. A belt: it’s going to help you to accentuate your shape, to give contrast on monochromatic outfits and to add a pop of gold or silver. Go for a classic style so it can match all your fits.

  1. A tote bag: this one can definitely be your personal item on the plane! Great to carry to the beach or pool or to take with you on a long day where you need to bring all your essentials with you.

To wrap it up, here are the three key things to keep in mind if you want to try this method:

  1. Basics are your best friends: you want classic pieces that you can combine between them. Avoid pieces that you only like wearing in just one certain way because they will not help you with the versatile packing you are aiming for.

  1. Follow one color scheme: I would say neutrals like beige, black, white, gray and brown are foolproof and there’s no way you go wrong with them. However, if you really like vibrant, printed, colorful outfits, make sure to keep your clothes in the same color scheme so you can have a cohesive and easy-to-combine suitcase.

  2. Learn to prioritize: I know you would love to have your entire wardrobe with you to wear a different pair of shoes everyday, but since that’s not possible, learn which are your most worn and comfy items and rely on them. Most of the time while on vacay we don’t have a lot of time to get ready or we take so many clothes we end up not wearing at all.

For those asking, here is Linoya's favorite carry-on brand:

Pro tip: make sure to check out the carry-on size guide!

This article was all about How to Pack 21 Outfits in Your Carry-On using the 3-3-3 Method for Your European Vacation

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