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Top 3 Long Coat Trends You Need to Try in Winter 2024

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Long Coats

Sweeping this season’s street style trends is none other than the “long coat” trend. The possibilities of this trend are truly endless. You can throw a chic long coat over virtually any look!

Wool coats

Long wool coats embody both warmth and style for this season's trends. The elegance and versatility of these coats make them a winter wardrobe essential. Classic hues like camel, gray, and black give off a feeling of timeless sophistication, or try to make a bold statement with rich jewel tones. To balance the length of the coat, style streamlined and tailored pieces underneath. A monochromatic look beneath a long wool coat creates a chic and elongated silhouette. Belted options provide an opportunity to define the waist, adding a touch of femininity. You can have fun and experiment with textures by pairing the coat with different fabrics! Chunky knits, sleek leather, or even satin dresses can create interesting contrasts and elevate the overall aesthetic. The long wool coat stands as a fashion-forward choice, seamlessly blending practicality and style for a refined winter look! Style inspo:

The Trench

Long trench coats give such a chic timeless yet contemporary allure. These versatile coats perfectly mix sophistication with functionality. Neutral tones like khaki, camel, and navy are perfect for a classic look, and bolder hues can give a more modern twist. Try styling a belted trench coat cinched at the waist to create a flattering silhouette, accentuating the feminine figure! You can easily do this by adding one of your favorite belts over the trench. Or for a laid-back vibe, leave the coat open, allowing its length to add a touch of drama to your outfit. For the most chic look, pair a long trench coat with tailored separates for a polished appearance. Trousers or a sleek dress underneath complement the coat's structured lines, while wide-leg pants create a chic, contemporary feel. Have fun with textures by introducing knitwear to add depth to your look!

You can even accessorize with a statement bag or scarf, adding a personal touch into the overall look. Whether styled with heeled boots for a classy look or sneakers for a casual outing in the city, long trench coats epitomize winter sophistication, offering a timeless and chic outerwear option. Style inspo:

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Brown coats 

Although they have been a stylish essential for past seasons, long brown coats have made their way into this season because of their sophistication and warmth. They have endless styling options, which makes them a necessity for this season’s wardrobe! The rich, earthy tone of brown complements the winter palette, offering so much versatility. Shades like chocolate or taupe have a timeless appeal, and deeper hues can be used for a bold statement. Enhance the elegance of a long brown coat by pairing it with neutral tones or monochromatic ensembles. Layering a beige sweater and cream trousers will give the perfect chic, minimalist look, allowing the coat to stand out as the focal point. Incorporating cozy knits, leather accents, or even faux fur details is the perfect way to experiment with this trend. A brown coat effortlessly elevates casual outfits, making it a versatile piece for any fun winter festivities! Style inspo:


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