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Trend Predictions: 5 Colors You'll See Non-Stop this Spring 

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Spring is a season that somehow brings more joy, liveliness, brightness, energy, good vibes and of course, colors, to our outfits. While during autumn and winter we tend to use more neutral and dark tones, such as browns, grays, blacks or dark blue, spring invites us to flood the streets with colors and experiment with them.

spring colors 2024
Spotted in Paris by Linoya

We all know that for every season there are different tones that take over and give color to every store shelf. We see them not only in clothing but also in jewelry, shoes and accessories such as handbags, hats and scarves. Therefore, today we will show you five colors that can not be missing in your closet if you like to be in the latest fashion or if you just like to play and try new trends.

1. Pastel Yellow

Yellow is not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but I have to say… We will be seeing it a lot this season! Such a bright color and perfect for the day. It works amazing if you are looking to contrast darker garments with different lighter pieces and it will easily help you to achieve an elevated outfit!

There are different shades so you can definitely go for something more vibrant or keep it subtle, but trust me, it’s so easy to pair! Since it can be a super light tone almost like white -but with its own shine and uniqueness- I would dare to say it’s almost a spring-summer neutral color at this point. 

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Currently on sale & super affordable! It’s lightweight and has the perfect length, so it’s a must for spring.

Such a subtle shade & so elegant.

Wear it open with a tank underneath or tucked in with jeans. Either way is so chic!

The perfect pop of yellow

If this is not the most perfect dress for spring & summer!

This is a mens sweater, and if you ask me they make the perfect oversized fit to throw over the shoulders.

2. Pop of Silver

At this point silver is practically a neutral color that goes with everything, but at the same time, it elevates and modernizes any look. As we usually relate silver with the future, it is a great color to bring movement and dimension to our outfit.

We can choose, on the one hand, a more matte silver that is not quite gray as it preserves its characteristic shine. We usually see it in garments such as pants or coats, and it is a more discreet and silent tone. If you like bolder pieces, then a mirrored silver will be better. The kind of shiny silver in which you can see yourself reflected almost as if it were a mirror and is mainly used in shoes and handbags.

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It's all about the details, and this hairclip is the perfect pop of silver!

Exact shoe from the picture above, currently 30% off.

If you want to make an entrance, then this bag won’t fail you.

Love these to spice up your look.

spring 2024 colors
Linoya wearing Margaux silver ballet flats

Linoya can confirm these are indeed not only fashionable but also comfortable!

3. Ice Blue

This is likely to be one of the colors we will see more of this season. It is a pastel tone that is a perfect fusion of different tones such as white, silver and light blue. 

This tone looks especially good in accessories or garments that work as an accent in our outfit, such as handbags, blazers or shoes. Being such a subtle and elegant color, it does not fail when it comes to combining it for occasions that perhaps require a little more sophistication. It is a color that I would suggest to use mainly during the day, since it is when its brightness and delicacy is most appreciated, but of course, fashion has no limits and we can always play with different possibilities.

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The perfect button down

A.L.C Simone Vegan Leather Bag, $100 off

The satin is definitely having a moment and these shoes are perfect!

Paired with white you will achieve such a sleek look.

Yellow and blue trend all in one pack!

4. Burgundy

After the "pop of red" trend that dominated the winter, cherry red could not be missing in this article. What changes now is that it will no longer be just a small hint, but it will be the star of complete outfits to make them eye-catching and bold.

We are going to see it a lot also in prints, so it is a great opportunity to combine printed garments with your accessories from last season, such as handbags, earrings or ballet flats.

If wearing this color in a garment is something you still don't feel comfortable with or you simply prefer neutral tones combined with vibrant details, then don't hesitate to embrace the "pop of red" so characteristic of last season and add it to your next outfits. Everything suggests that we will continue to see this trend for a while longer and if we are honest, we love it!

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Comfortable and chic!

Teen Jodie Shoulder Bag

Obsessed with the fit of these pants.

Classic yet edgy flats are perfect for spring

5. Snow White

I am obsessed with the color white for dressing and I know we are not going to stop seeing it on the streets. It is a color that will be eternally in fashion for its versatility, delicacy and elegance. It conveys purity, creativity, simplicity and neatness, and we can see it reflected in different outfits regardless of their style. This color, like sky or ice blue, is ideal when you are aiming for a sleek, refined, delicate look.

This season we will spot many dresses, skirts, shirts and pants in this color, with more relaxed and loose styles. Fabrics such as linen and silk and knits such as crochet or lace will not be missing either.

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More of a splurge piece but this is perfect for an engagement party or bachelorette weekend!

Here is the more affordable version of the Reformation dress!

The perfect cream trousers

This seems like a super flattering version of the waist-drop dress. Loving this 1920's comeback.

Perfect for a hot day gelato outing.

The perfect white linen vest!

White blazer is a timeless piece to add to your capsule wardrobe

Exact top from the right image!


We will be spotting lots of beige, navy blue and brown, all paired with all the colors above. These can be great shades for your base garments and later add pops of color or bold jewelry.

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Pair it with sneakers and a white top for a more casual look.

The gold details are to die for

This article was all about 5 colors to expect on the shelf this spring 

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