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5 Styling Conclusions We Came up with after People Watching in Paris

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Paris has always been the fashion capital, and not only because it is home to the biggest fashion brands, but mainly because Parisians are always fashionable. In Paris, people dress up just to go buy their groceries! Everywhere is a catwalk in the French capital, and it is one of the cities where I get my biggest fashion inspiration. Let me share with you the 5 style lessons I’ve learned from people-watching in Paris.

collage of fashionable women in paris
Collage by: Marine Michaeli

1. Less is more: effortless elegance

In the Parisian style handbook, the magic happens when you nail the 'effortless' vibe. It's all about keeping it simple. So dive into a sea of neutral tones—beige, navy, black, gray, or white are your style allies. Patterns? Stick to the basics, like plain clothes or trusty stripes. After all, in the streets of Paris, less fuss means more fashion finesse! The key is looking like you didn’t even think about your outfit, and yet, you always end up looking fashionable.

Here is the vibe you could go for: 

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Look A

Look B

2. Monochrome is chic

The easiest way to style an effortlessly sophisticated outfit is definitely to go for a monochrome look. Choose black for a timeless elegant vibe, beige or brown for something a little bit more trendy. You can even mix tones, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same shade of the same color to work.

While being minimalist and simple to style, the monochrome look will make you look classy without looking boring. And if it seems a little plain for you, add a touch of fun and accessorize it with big jewels or colorful bags and shoes.

Here is how Parisian style it:

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3. The fun is in the shoes

Parisian’s tip for making a simple outfit look unique is to combine it with a fun pair of shoes. So don’t be afraid to go for colors or styles that you might not be used to wearing. I have noticed a lot of bright red shoes, surfing on the color trend of the season, and they really elevate any outfit. I particularly liked it with denim or navy looks (red and blue, really French I know!). Another trend I’ve witnessed in Paris is eccentric maxi-footwear, meaning big quirky shoes.

Here are a few inspirational looks from the streets of Paris:

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4. Long fringe skirts are in

I have spotted a lot of fringe skirts in Paris and they can tell so many different stories depending on what you style them with. Paired with boots, they channel a cool cowboy or edgy rock vibe. But when combined with flats, they effortlessly transition into a charming ballerina aesthetic. And they possess this magical quality of making any outfit appear flowy and almost ethereal, especially when there is a bit of wind. Parisian fashion really knows how to transform the ordinary into something almost enchanting!

Here is the inspiration:

5.Versatility is Key: 

Parisians excel in creating versatile wardrobes that seamlessly transition from day to night. Pieces that can effortlessly go from a morning coffee run to a sophisticated evening soiree are essential. So don’t be afraid to wear your cutest skirts, heels or jewelry even if you’re just going for lunch! The key is to take every moment as a catwalk.

Here is what Parisians wear:

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