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5 Trends We're Expecting to See on the Streets Nonstop This Spring

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One of my favorite seasons to dress is Spring, so you can imagine how excited I am. The reasons why I like it are quite diverse, but first and foremost it's because it's a great opportunity to keep wearing some lighter winter pieces while being able to combine them with the emerging trends that the new season brings. While the weather is nicer, I can still play with layers, add thin tights or wear knee boots without getting too hot during the day. On the other hand, spring is the time where bright tones, such as pastels, are again much more seen (although this winter did not lack color). They return to the streets, and along with the vibes that are present, they flood the cities with color, energy and vibrancy.

Spring Trends 2024

Another reason why I love spring is because I get to wear more relaxed, softer and flowy clothes. It's time to leave behind materials like leather and velvet to include others like linen and silk, and also to opt for garments that allow us to give the spotlight to statement accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, handbags, and hair pieces. We have some inspiration that we want to share with you, many pieces to show you that we are sure you will love and we are eager to tell you all about what's coming. So without further ado, let's get to it.

1. Pastel colors

We've said it before, pastels are a springtime classic and we can't get enough of them. Yes, vibrant and strident colors will also be seen a lot, but that's a topic for another article. These tones are the definition of delicacy, finesse, femininity and softness but they don't fail to load an outfit with energy and vitality.

If pastels are going to be on trend, there is one in particular that is going to steal the show and deserves a special mention, and that’s ice blue. The way this color achieves a flawless blend of blue, white, gray and silver tones, but with such a unique result, is what makes me fall in love with it. Pinks and yellows are not far behind and will also have their moment to shine.

When it comes to styling them, one of our favorite ways to include these colors in your looks is through light shirts that can be layered with t-shirts or tops and worn with jean shorts in classic blue or in white or beige, in suit sets that can be combined for dressier or more casual looks, and lastly in handbags, which we must say even if is a very subtle accent never fails to give any look a pop of color.

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This dress is giving "10 things I hate about you" and we're here for it. This look can easily be transformed from day to night.

Such a good elevated basic top to have in your closet!

Blush pink is just the perfect color for springtime!

These are perfect for Spring, and they also come in baby blue!

Micro ruffle shorts are definitely not for everyone but I’m sure we'll be seeing them a lot during spring and summer and I’m excited to see how they’ll be styled!

A classic must-have button up shirt!

We love to add a subtle pop of color!

This bag comes in mutiple sizes.

It's all about the details!

2. Patterns

Certainly, prints are preferred by people who enjoy wearing bold prints and pieces that stand out from the overall outfit, and for those who like to elevate through prints an outfit that can be simple. But I also think it’s a design that can easily be worn for a casual, laid-back look when you're not in the mood to put together a super-planned outfit, but of course don’t want a too basic result.

More modern and chic than ever, we expect to see it mostly in pants, skirts, dresses and even in some bags and accessories, so you can have fun combining various patterns at the same time, or you can play with the tones, either by combining different colors or keeping the outfit monochromatic.

spring trends 2024
Spotted in the South of France by Linoya

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This is channeling "South of France" Barbie and I love it!

Striped tops are always such a good way to elevate an outfit! It's SO channeling "old money" aesthetic and it's giving Cape Cod, the Hamptons, & St. Tropez all at once.

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They could be thrown over the shoulders or worn as is!

This high-neck top is a must for European trips!

So elegant and chic!

This is definitely not for everyone but such a fun example of how to mix and match diffrent patterns:

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You really don't need to do much with this gorgeous leopard bluse! Pair it with jeans or white pants and you're ready to be out the door!

So comfortable and so fun for Spring!

3. White Lace Pieces

I adore any trend that allows me to play, experiment and explore and this is one that goes even further than that! There are options for all tastes since crochet is going to be in everything from skirts to tote bags. So good for beachy clothes like dresses, tops and pants!

You can opt for more revealing styles, which work great as swimsuit cover-ups or to wear over a flat bottom that needs a twist. However, other knits will cover you completely so you can for sure wear them for your day-to-day outfits. 

Whatever you go for, I think it's a great way to dress down a look and make it more casual and relaxed. I definitely feel that crochet combines amazingly with sandals, ballet flatsand even sneakers!

Who said jeans & sneakers is the only possible combinaion? There is nothing that screams "cool girl" more than a feminine lace dress & a pair of the perfect Adidas.

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This is the perfect beach cover up and can be paired with an underdress for day to day wear to recreate the look above!

The perfect underdress for any sheer dress!

The perfect subtle pop of color.

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Perfect for daytime to nighttime!

4. Bold Jewlery

If we are talking about ways to elevate an outfit without the need of too many out-of-the-ordinary pieces, then jewelry is your ally. Especially when the weather starts to get hot and layering becomes too heavy, finding daring accessories will be your best option to take your outfits to the next level.

Jewelry is also a great way of trying new trends and playing with different ideas to add fun and interesting touches to your outfits, and totally recommend it if you are thinking about adding something bolder to your everyday looks but don’t know where you should get started.

Big, chunky necklaces, unique earrings, large rings… Options are endless and a great place to begin your haunt for the perfect pieces are vintage stores for sure! 

All these amazing images are from the iconic @kenzaksebbagh, click here for an amazing styling tip from Kenza!

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5. Mesh Shoes

Are mesh shoes going to be fashionable this season? Yes, without a doubt! We have seen them everywhere and combined in a thousand different ways. Their versatility makes them perfect for this transition season, since you can combine them with tights or socks on colder days or wear them on their own if it's warmer. Moreover, this makes them adaptable to several styles depending on what you choose to combine them with. With ruffled tights and a dress it can be feminine with a modern touch, while with denim pieces it can be much more intrepid and bold.

They can become a staple piece in your closet because of how effortless they are to style and the ease with which they can give a look a distinctive detail that goes beyond the classic ballet flats we know. If you would like to go further and make mesh shoes the star piece of your outfit you can even consider options with embellishments such as rhinestones.

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Speaking of white and sheer, these Ballerina Balla Mesh in White are absolutely stunning.

This post was all about 5 Trends We're Expecting to See on the Streets Nonstop This Spring.

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