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These are the 7 Basics I Swear By

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Are we ever going to stop talking about basics? Well… not really. The importance of good basics narrows down to three key points: they will last you -pretty much- forever, they will build the base of any type of outfit & they will ensure you have quality pieces that make you feel and look amazing.

Well, but how do we know if we have good basics or if it’s time to invest in some? Here are some questions I recommend you ask yourself to know where you are at: do you often find yourself thinking you ‘have nothing to wear’? Do you have a lot of clothes for which you would need to buy new items for them to ‘work out’? Do you try on clothes, think about how much you could use a basic piece at that moment but then keep on shopping other things but that basic? 

If you think you may be in need of some new items, Linoy has been looking for and testing the best basics to incorporate to her closet, and she wants to share with you 7 of them, which she swears by. Along these recommendations, we will also show you some inspiration on how to combine these pieces.

Affordable basic clothing

If you think you may be in need of some new items, Linoy has been looking for and testing the best basics to incorporate to her closet, and she wants to share with you 7 of them, which she swears by. Along these recommendations, we will also show you some inspiration on how to combine these pieces.

1. John Galt tops ( AKA Brandy Melville tops )

These cotton tops are not only a perfect base layer but they are also super flattering to wear on its own. You can combine them with jeans and Sambas for an everyday look or easily elevate them with a nice coat like a blazer or a tweed style jacket & flats.

Here is some inspiration:

Shop The Tops

Make sure to get the full length shirt!

Take it in any color it comes and thank us later

2. Reformation crew neck & black short

The quality of this top is unbeatable. Lightweight, breathable and with a perfect length to wear with high-waisted pants or with low-rise jeans for a more relaxed, casual look. Shorts have the perfect length and fit to be on the dressier side, so maybe you could even wear them for work if they allow it. Both pieces match amazingly together, achieving the perfect summer classy look. However, they can totally be worn on their own, as they are super versatile and easy to combine. 

Affordable basic clothing

Perfect for woman with wider shoulders, Linoya is 5'8 for refrence and wearing size M.

3. HM Ribbed Tank Top

Love this one for casual looks as it’s 95% cotton and super affordable. The ribbed cotton gives a little extra detail adding some texture, so it’s perfect especially for monochromatic outfits.

It can be paired with jeans, shorts and skirts & a comfy pair of sneakers for a laid-back everyday look. It’s also a great layer piece to wear under sweaters and jackets.

Linoy’s look for some inspiration:

Pretty much every outfit Linoya puts together starts with a basic tank top,rather its Spring Summer Fall or Winter! And this top from H&M is just perfect and supper affordable and comes in many colors.

4. American Vintage Long Sleeved Top

Another 100% cotton top (yes, materials are really important when it comes to basic items!) with a round neck and long sleeves. It’s such a timeless piece that you can wear in many ways - we’ll show you some inspiration, of course! 

The wide range of colors will ensure you find the one you need, but black and white can’t be missing in your closet! Looks lovely with trousers and jeans, but you can take it to the next level with a long skirt and kitten heels or pointed-toe flats.

Get some ideas here:

This semi sheer top is just perfect to add that little something extra to your outfit!

5. Madewell Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg

If you’ve been following Linoy for a while, you know some of her favorite jeans are from Madewell. The quality & the fit (two non-negotiable when it comes to the perfect jean) are just on point for this pair. 

It truly is the perfect basic jean as it doesn’t have any extra detail more than the raw hem, which is quite subtle and delicate. You can totally pair it with sneakers and a top for a comfy, urban look or go a little extra and wear it with a top, a cardigan (on top of your shoulders if it’s not too chilly) and some nice mules or ballet flats. Ideal if you are trying to achieve the casual, business-chic look!

So many of you ask for jeans reccomendations, these are Linoyas most worn jean to date!

6. Sezane Black Loafers

Is there anything Sezane can’t do? Their loafers are just everything you want on a pair of shoes: comfy, practical & chic - and all at the same time! Many shoes tend to be stiff at the beginning so you need to break them in, but with these that’s not necessary. As they are made from a super soft leather they will just mold to your feet and you’ll be able to wear them right away, plus the gold accents add a subtle yet so elegant extra detail!

A nice pair of loafers will instantly upgrade any outfit and add that classy twist you are going for. Jeans & a plain shirt can transform into a stylish and sophisticated look only by adding loafers! 

Linoy shows you how to elevate a look with these:

These are 20K steps tested and comfort-approved by Linoya!

7. Sezane Giacomo Trousers

What better to pair your loafers with these amazing pants? Well, the truth is they actually pair with all kinds of shoes since they are super versatile. When you talk about the perfect not too high-waisted suit pants, this is what you think of!

Pieces like these ones are the ones you want to have in your closet, especially if you are a corporate girlie who needs to put together office outfits every single day but keep it comfy at the same time. Have fun combining them with different accessories, shoes and also by adding color with the top parts (if you prefer neutral tones, then you can definitely play with the necklines, textures & other details).

Some inspo on how to wear them:

It also comes in black & we love it!

Bonus - Trench Coat

A piece that you need in your wardrobe this season (and will wear almost year-round!). This Sezane one has everything you want: not too short but also not too long; comes in beige but also in a super neutral green shade; the fit is not too oversized nor too tight… It’s a piece that you will wear so much, especially when transitioning seasons!

A trench will elevate any outfit, regardless of your look being urban or more dressy, but it’s also a great piece to wear over shorter bottoms such as skirts or dresses, mainly when the weather is a little chilly but not to much (or maybe it’s actually cold but you really want to wear that dress!).

Also we are absolutely obsessed with this recent find from COS, it's a perfectly cropped trench coat and more suitable for spring & summer nights!

Affordable basic clothing


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