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7 Chic Outfits to Wear in a 100° Weather

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Dressing during summer or hot spring days can be quite an issue, especially when you need to go run errands around the city or do things that will keep you away from your chilly house. 

While I admit I am more of a winter girlie who really enjoys cozy coats, boots, sweaters and layers in general, I did manage to find the pieces that make me feel the best during warmer weather and how to combine them to achieve chic, comfy, fresh looks.

summer outfits

The key is relying on good, lightweight, breathable fabrics, such as linen and cotton. Also going for looser options such as dresses and avoiding tight garments made of materials such as leather or corduroy. When it comes to shoes, to be honest, I just go for whatever I am feeling. The only footwear I don’t really choose is high knee boots, but other than that, for me it is a yes to everything, although sandals and flats are my top choice usually.

Now it’s time to get some inspiration from the streets to put together 7 chic outfits that are summer-proof!

1. Flowy Dress & Flat Shoes

Nothing screams summer more than a flowy dress! You can play with different types of skirts, lengths, patterns & top fits. Go for sleeveless styles and even for an open back if you want some extra breathability, and feel free to pair it with flats, sandals or sneakers! Keep the accessories on the simpler side with maybe some gold hoops and a nice bag. Since you are aiming mostly for a casual and relaxed outfit, the less the better in this case.

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Love this checked strapless dress!!

Love an all white moment for summer

Spaghetti strap is a go-to during the summer heat

2. Tube Top & Skirt

This one has to be one of my all time favorite combinations. The sleeveless top looks sleek, sophisticated and so chic & the skirt is femeneine, playful and adds so much movement and even texture if you go for details such as ruffles or lace.

You can easily dress it up or down, so it’s a perfect look for a day with multiple events or things to do. Wear it with flats for the office and change them for heels for a dinner date. Wear a tote bag for a long day or with a clutch for a night event. The same base can easily be adapted to your day’s activities with only a couple accessories and shoes!

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A staple in every summer wardrobe

More affordable option here!

For a more elevated look opt for this option!

LOVE this color combination

Very similar to the one Linoya is wearing in the image above!

3. Lightweight Matching Set & Sandals

Want to look effortlessly chic? A two piece set is the answer! You know it pairs together amazingly, it’s light & soft and it’s going to solve any outfit in a matter of seconds! What do we love the most? You can wear each piece separately to create many more looks.

Matching sets are all about a nice outfit solved in seconds, so we should pursue the same when it comes to accessorizing: a neutral bag, your go-to comfortable sandals and maybe some little jewelry such as a delicate necklace or some bracelets. Let the set be the star.

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Linen vest! Perfect fabric for summer

And the matching shorts here!

So easy and chic

Ideal for hot weather

4. Sleeveless Basic Dress But Style It!

You don’t need to go too crazy with colors and patterns, you can just keep it simple and elevate your fit with some good styling! As we always say, rely on bags, footwear & all kinds of accessories to add that ‘WOW’ effect!

A couple things I can suggest:

Go for boots instead of your usual sneakers or sandals, it’s going to add a rock n’ roll accent and add a new texture to the outfit!

Go for a colorful bag that clashes with the dress to add some fun and contrast! 

Don’t forget sunglasses! They make any outfit look so much cooler & fresh (and your eyes will thank you as well!).

Add little details such as belts, necklaces and chunky earrings! They transform your look from basic into chic & edgy!

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The exact dress from the look we spotted in the South of France!

A very similar and more affordable version here!

The perfect shade of pink for summer

This Polo dress is to die for! Would love to see it styled with a colorful bag

My jaw dropped when I saw this dress, just gorgeous!

5. Linen Pants & Lightweight Top

If for any reason you can’t -or don’t want- to wear a dress or a skirt, then definitely go for breathable linen pants! They are not only comfy and fresh, but they look so delicate with sandals or flats! With a high neck top or a strapless one you can achieve a more elegant look but with a simple tank top you can dress them down for an everyday fit.

They are cool enough for the day but also so practical for the night when it gets too chilly for a skirt, so bonus points for the girls who spend their entire day outside and need versatile garments.

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I love that you can recreate the look above at such an affordable price point!

The perfect black linen pants

This top is giving 2014 in the best way possible!

6. Basic Tee & Pleated Skirt

A pleated skirt is such a sleek looking garment. While some people probably associate them to school and uniforms -and consequently, to a preppy aesthetic-, I think the key is in going for solid colors in neutral shades instead of patterns such as a plaid one if preppy is not your vibe.

Going for monochromatic looks with contrasting accessories, bags and/or shoes is such an easy way of achieving an elevated and sophisticated outfit. You can add a belt if you want some extra shaping or a top with either shoulder pads or ruffles for an even nicer silhouette.

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We love a good muscle shirt for summer!

I love this!!!

Elevated pleated skirt is amazing!

So elegant

7. An Elegant Dress

We can’t end the article without an elegant night-out outfit that works for warm evenings! You definitely want to keep all what we said: lightweight, breathable materials and comfort above all else. The trick here is to go for pieces with nice, delicate details such as some lace, a one-shoulder top, cutouts, maybe even some mesh accents! Also don’t be afraid to choose bold, vibrant colors or prints as a way of achieving an interesting outfit!

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A good black and white contrast dress never disappoint

This article was all about 7 Chic Outfits to Wear in a 100° Weather

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