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7 Essentials You'll Need in Your Closet to transition from winter to spring

We’re only in February, but the weather is already getting warmer. Winter is slowly fading away, and spring is coming back with the sun and higher temperatures, which means it is soon going to be time to adapt our closet. And I am here to help you build a capsule wardrobe with 7 essentials that will fit as well in winter as in spring. Before buying, always take the time to think about the pieces, to make sure they are as timeless and versatile as possible! For spring, it’s all about going towards lighter tones to … and lighter structures . to…

The denim jacket

The first step in the transition from winter to spring is going from coats to jackets, and the must-have jacket obviously has to be a denim one! Whether you choose to go classic and opt for an oversized denim jacket, or you want something different and experiment with structured or pattern ones, there isn’t just one version of the denim jacket, and you’ll have to find one that you love! My personal favorite this season is the biker denim jacket that can either suit an elegant look, or a streetwear aesthetic.

Here is the inspiration:

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A colorful cardigan 

Perfect to keep you warm, cardigans are not new to spring, they’re also a winter essential. But now that the sun is coming back, we need our looks to be vibrant as well, so let’s play with colors! If you’re feeling bold, you can opt for bright tones like red, fuschia, orange or purple. For a sweeter romantic look, try with pale colors such as a light yellow or light pink. 

winter to spring fashion
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This sweater is the perfect color and fit for translation

rom winter to spring and can be mixed and matched with so many options.

Beige tailored pants 

Lighter than jeans but still covering your legs, tailored pants are ideal for spring. While you can always go for a classic black, the warmer season is calling for lighter tones and what’s better than beige? Both chic and easy-to-style, beige is the color you need in your spring wardrobe. It’s soft, it matches with everything, but not as boring as black or gray. Wear your beige tailored pants with white tops tops and maybe some gold or brown accessories for a clean spring look!

Here’s the inspo:

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Cream colored pants are an essential item

that can easily be mixed and matched with endless looks!

The belt det is so elegant and chic!

The brown bag

Talking about brown accessories, my personal favorite is the brown leather bag. It suits any outfit, and while being elegant, it still looks more unique than a black bag. The versatility of a brown leather bag is unmatched, effortlessly transitioning from winter to spring, and from elegant to casual. Whether you want it to steal the spotlight in a neutral outfit or add a touch of sophistication to a colorful look, this accessory is a wardrobe must-have!

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Oversize blazers

I know I talk a lot about oversize blazers, but it’s not my fault they are the must-have of any closet! Once again, you’ll be able to style them in spring, only without as many layers as in winter. But this time, it won’t be the statement piece. Wear a nice shirt or top underneath, and the blazer will only be a way to make the look even more stylish, and to keep you warm when it gets a bit chilly. 

That’s the look!

winter to spring fashion
By: What People Are Wearing

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Striped shirt 

A Striped shirt is a real classic, easy to wear all year long. Layer it under a cute sweater during the coldest days to give a twist to any basic outfit. And when it gets warmer, wear buttoned up –not to the top to create a V-neck and accessorize it with statement jewelry. One other way to wear it that I love and think is perfect for spring is to wear it as a jacket, on top of a cute top. It’s perfect for when the weather is uncertain, and transitions perfectly between chiller days and hot temperatures! 

Here’s how to style it:

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Unique jackets

It’s time to put away our coats and turn to jackets! There are so many types, but my personal advice this spring is to opt for colors and patterns. We’ve noticed that the clean girl aesthetic is left behind this season, and that maximalism is back, so play with it and don’t be afraid to go bold! The two trends I’ve seen the most when it comes to jackets are colorful tweed ones and flower padded ones. 

Here is some inspiration: 

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This article was all about 7 Essentials You'll Need in Your Closet to transition from winter to spring


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