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7 Dresses Under $100 You'll Wear on Repeat this Spring

Contributed by: Martina Carrión

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Dresses are a huge favorite among street style fashionistas across the world during the spring and summer, and it's no secret. They are comfortable, breathable and fresh, and they can solve any look in a few seconds. It's just a matter of accessorizing and you're ready for your day.

If we were around during Spring-Summer 2023, you know that Linoya was traveling between Milan & the South of France and spotted the chicest dresses in the Riviera. We took it upon ourselves to find those amazingly chic dresses (or similar ones) and gather them in a list for you. Best of all? They all are under $100. So if you're looking to refresh your closet, add new items or experiment with new styles, don't miss out on this people-inspired guide.

1. LBD (or not so little)

A classic black dress just can’t be missing in your closet. Not only works on its own but it can be the base layer for so many other outfits (even winter ones!). There are so many interesting black dresses; black & white contrast, belted dresses, or pleated ones! We love the variety and there is just so much to explore. Here is some inspiration from the French Riviera, Paris, and Milan for how to wear a beautiful black dress this spring-summer.

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The stunning open back is perfect for summer

So elegant, perfect for day to night look in South of France

Perfect for any European beach city

2. White Flowy Dress

A white, loose, flowy dress is just unbeatable. Can be so easily styled with flats or sandals and gold, chunky jewelry. We see a lot of satin and lace fabrics decorating beautiful white dresses, and we just can't get enough. We love how the woman on the left styled a super fabric-heavy silk dress paired with some amazing flared satin black pants and pointy shoes. Definitely a show-stopper, very fitting to the South of France fashion!

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THE perfect summer dress

This is the only dress that goes $18 above the budget in this entire article, but it's definitely worth the extra 2 lattes if you ask me :)

3. Pastels

This color is everything for Spring! Pastels are lovely and yellow has some extra shine and vibrancy to it. This color palette is so delicate, we love how versatile it can be according to certain pieces. Not to mention that anything pastel-yellow that comes in the shape of a dress immediately reminds us of Andy from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Iconic.

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This is the easiest way to quickly put together a cute outfit! Just add some sandals and gold jewelry and voila!

This is the dress from the movie!

4. B&W Contrast

There is nothing that screams "Summer in the French Riviera" more than black and white contrast pieces. Something about this classic color combination in one piece of fabric just screams "chic." If you wanna do spring-summer right, you MUST have a black and white contrast dress in your closet, not to mention a few tank tops to fully be dedicated to the look. Scroll below to see our favorite picks for under $95.

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Obsessed is an understatement.

If you're looking for a dress for your next event - you have just found it.

When I think of the perfect linen black & contrast dress, this is exactly what comes to mind!

Such beautiful white satin & black lace details.

Simple, elegant, delicate, chic.

5. Ruffles

This picture symbolizes one of the most iconic moments captured in the history of What People Are Wearing, ever. I spotted this amazing woman in Milan, just wearing her amazing outfit for a casual stroll on a weekend. I captioned it "This is your sign to not save that gorgeous dress for a special occasion and wear it for a casual weekend stroll,"and the internet went crazy! 20 million views, so I'm guessing people really loved this ruffled dress :) I gathered some amazing ruffled dresses for you, to wear for a casual occasion (or not), I hope you love these selections as much as I do!

Spring dresses
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

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I love the way these type of dresses flow around and typically is very flattering for all body types

This dress might be less on the XL ruffly side but it will definitely add an interesting touch to your wardrobe!

6. Asymmetric

One of the easiest ways to make a simple outfit interesting is through fabric, and shape. Having a few asymmetric dresses in your closet will just make getting dressed over the summer much easier, and chicer! All you have to do is throw on the dress, and accessorize it differently every time you wear it.

Summer dresses
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

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The ultimate white linen asymmetrical dress!

A true showstopper! And the best part is that it can be worn up or down.

Here is the mini version! They all come in a few different sizes so hopefully one will be your size!

Such a good deal! Originally priced at $248

This dress is also available in Lavender

7. Strapless dress

A strapless dress is the perfect way to show off your amazing tan in the summer, or get a better tan during the spring! I'm currently obsessing over drop-waist dresses, and so many of them come in a cute strapless version! Here are our selections for you!

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There's nothing more beautiful than sun kissed skin and a strapless dress for summer!

I can easily see this one being dressed up or down! You can style it with a pair of cute sneakers during the daytime, or wear a sleek bun with a pair of gorgeous golden heels for the night time.

Every girl needs a LLBD - Little Linen Black Dress!

Say hello to your new tattoo dress - the perfect bandeau dress to throw on for almost any occasion.

Contributed by: Martina Carrión

This article was all about 7 Gorgeous Summer Dresses for Less Than a $100

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