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The 9 Budget Friendly Spring Essentials You Need in Your Closet

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Isn't spring one of the best seasons when it comes to dressing? The weather is warmer but at the same time cool enough to still enjoy some of the winter garments combined with spring bits. Spring days could get cooler or warmer so light layering still play a huge part in our day to day dressing!

This is the perfect time to stock your closet since all brands are doing amazing sales and discounts and you should certainly take advantage of it! I will help you find the best items while keeping them on the budget friendly side, because you don’t need to spend too much to dress the way you love. These basic pieces will help you build a versatile, useful and of course, very chic closet. They are timeless making them ideal for you to wear all year long. 

1. A flowy dress

It is undoubtedly one of the key pieces of the season. Fresh, bohemian and with a very feminine vibe. You can go for plain colors or prints like flowers or polka dots. You can also have fun playing with different types of sleeves, lengths and details such as ruffles or lace.

Spring essentials 2024
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

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Baby pink is perfect for Spring.

This white dress is the definition of European Spring!

2. Oversized shirt

I feel like an oversized shirt is the perfect way of replacing a jacket or sweater when you are looking for something super lightweight and relaxed but at the same time delicate. If you don’t own any yet I would recommend to start by playing it safe with a plain white one that you know that it’s going to match everything in your closet. Then you can go for other neutral colors like beige or gray or just go all in with vibrant colors or prints.

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A linen button down shirt can go a long way, it's perfect for transitional weather as well as the perfect beach cover up.

This is the exact shirt Linoya is wearing in the photo above.

For a more classic look go for this cotton poplin shirt! P.s you can add a monogram if desired, this would make such a thoughtful gift.

3. Linen blend set

Linen is one of the most popular materials of the season if you were wondering, and a linen set will save you so many times! While 100% linen garments can be a little too expensive, a cotton-linen or rayon-linen blend can be a great option! Not only is it a breathable, relaxed, comfy fabric, but it can be styled in so many ways! By getting a set you can wear the top and bottom together or just on at a time, creating endless possibilities. Your bottoms can be either shorts or pants, and your top can be a blouse, shirt or even a vest!

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I love that you can wear the vest as a pair but it can also go great with so many diffrent outfits!

This set is perfection.

For a more elevated look try this open back top!

4. Lightweight sweater or cardigan

I love a light sweater that helps me dress when the weather is constantly changing and I don't know what to wear. I especially like it paired with a skirt and ballet flats but I can also wear it over the shoulders almost as an accessory and it still looks good.

You could totally go for something more daring like an off-shoulders option which will be perfect for the season as well!

spring essentials 2024

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Perfect for transitioning from winter to fall or from day to night!

I love that you can style it many diffrent ways.

5. Mesh flats

These shoes really are a must-have for the season. They are possibly one of the trends we will see the most due to their versatility, comfort and modern and daring style.

You can combine them with all kinds of clothes and add details such as colorful socks to make your look more interesting.

I love how she styled it! My favorite part about this shoe is that you can easily dress it up or down!

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This is the affordable version of the famous Alaia flats

We love the ivory version of the mesh flats!

This is such a good dupe for the DEAR FRANCES shoes! Comes in multiple colors.

6. Trench Coat

There are few coats I wear as much as my trench coat. I feel like I can wear the most casual and relaxed outfit in the world, but when I put a trench coat over it I instantly elevate it! I love it especially for days when I don't feel like wearing very sophisticated pieces but still want my overall outfit to look more dressed up. However, I personally also love it for bolder outfits like mini skirts and tights but without showing too much if I am not in that mood.

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This is by far the best fit I have ever seen for a cropped trench!

This trench also comes in navy!

We love the cropped trench coat! It's currently $65 at checkout!!

7. A midi/maxi skirt 

I love skirts that are comfortable and relaxed but allow you to elevate them with some accessories and shoes, and in the same way, they also allow you to create more casual outfits.

You can go for fabrics like silk or others that have a nice drape and feel soft to wear, and of course, feel free to go for the color that best matches your wardrobe! You will be able to combine them with the rest of the garments included in this guide such as shirts, knit tops and mesh ballet flats.

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Extra 40% at checkout!!

The range of colors is amazing on this one, but cream is such a staple for spring!

8. Striped shirt

If we are honest, this is a garment that never goes out of season, as it is very versatile and easy to style. But since stripes will be all the rage this spring, this shirt is a must have. However, you will be wearing it all year round for sure. Currently my favorite combination is with white pants and brown shoes and accessories.

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A classic & on sale!

Love the pop of red!

You really can't go wrong with a striped T-shirt, especially if you're traveling to Paris!

9. White denim pants

White denim is simply an elevated and improved version of the classic blue we know if you ask me. White has the ability to endow a look with delicacy, sophistication and elegance without the need to resort to another type of material or sacrifice comfort. 

Spring essentials 2024
Spotted in Rodeo Drive by Linoya

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Straight jeans are such a game changer when trying to put together a more sophisticated outfit.

High rise, wide bottom can never fail us.

This post was all about 9 Budget Friendly Spring Essentials

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