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I live in Amsterdam, These are the 5 Items People are Wearing Everywhere

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If you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, I’m jealous. I would do anything to relive the first time I visited; the feeling was almost magical. The streets feel like a film set; cozy with amazing architecture all around the city and it is so beautiful it feels fake. Not only is Amsterdam one of the most popular cities in Europe, but also a vibrant cultural hub, and everything that has to do with art and fashion is encouraged. We love Saturday markets, vintage stores that carry amazing curated vintage finds, picnics in the parks, and having a beer on a terrace on the (occasional) sunny afternoon! For every occasion, there is a well-thought-out outfit to accompany. When I moved here, I knew I would have to deep-dive into my creativity and personal style. It is so versatile, internationals and Dutchies alike all navigating through life with fits to die for and style for miles, it is so fun to people-watch, and doing that has made me appreciate the intricate fashion that comes and goes here. A big source of inspiration is vintage and second-hand, but the outfits are built on certain items that will never go out of style. If you're planning to visit Amsterdam anytime soon or just want to catch a glimpse of what it might look like to stroll the endless canals, here are the 5 things people are wearing everywhere.

Dad Sneakers

When it comes to shoes, trends fade and resurface at an indisputable pace. When the pandemic hit, we traded our fancy shoes for comfortable sneakers, which transformed into the trusty dad sneakers, and the trend just stuck. Controversial to some, dad sneakers are a staple here in Amsterdam. The maximalist aesthetic is upon us, and the chunkier the shoe, the better! New Balance and Asics are widely celebrated, and there is no going wrong with a pair of baggy jeans to finish off the casual, laid-back look. The comfort element merged with style to curate the perfect go-to shoe that just works great in terms of practicality and lifestyle! Biking is the biggest part of the day-to-day routine, so owning a nice pair of dad sneakers isn’t just a fashion statement, it is simply the right way to go.

(Left Image: @maaikelothmann) (Right Image:@manondevelder)


@maaikelothmann and @manondevelde are the ultimate Amsterdam fashion girlies, wearing New Balance sneakers with the perfect accessories and color combinations that form the casual-chic look. We love New Balance because of their versatility, there are so many options! @manondevelder opted for a more colorful sneaker which we found on ASOS! A good pop of color adds some flare to the outfit, especially when all the colors work perfectly together and the color blocking is done right, which it is! 

@maaikelothmann’s outfit is more neutral tone-based, opting for an icy blue button-up that pairs perfectly with her 530’s. While this is the classic that everybody goes for (and they’re great!) we also really love the 1906’s, which are similar but have a little bit more chunk and silhouette! 

We found these super unique Adidas dad sneakers that come in a variety of colors and are chunky and will compliment really well with loose fitted jeans or linen pants! 

And if you’re not the biggest dad shoe fan but are still looking for a casual sneaker to work as an (almost) alternative, Veja are a great way to sport the look and opt for a less-known sneaker that is sleek and comfortable.


It’s all over our for you page on TikTok, lace is back and better than ever! Although the fashionistas in Amsterdam are ditching the coquette look in favor of a more edgy lace accent. See-through lace is especially popular in street style, which is great news for girls who don't mind showing a little bit of skin. This trend is undoubtedly more out there, and it might not be for everyone (and that's okay!). There are no rules regarding lace—oversized jackets and a monochromatic look are common combinations, but if you’re uncomfortable showing some legs, why not opt for some shorts underneath? Lace is a great fabric for layering (or in this case, unlayering), so it is ideal for spring and summer in Amsterdam! 

(Left image: @fiahamelijnck) ( Right image: @maaikelothmann)

@fiahamelijnck is wearing a beautiful lace-see-through shirt that can be dressed up for a dinner party or a night out in the town, or down with some baggy jeans or shorts, perfect for an evening stroll. This shirt is also great for layering, so if you’re a little uncomfortable wearing see-through, pair it with an oversized graphic tee and let the sleeves do the work! This top from Reformation is so similar to the one Fia is wearing, and comes in a bunch of colors, so it works for all aesthetics.

@maaikelothmaan is wearing (what might be) the most viral piece of clothing in Amsterdam at the moment, The Room Antwerp lacey skirt which is sadly sold out but we found very similar alternatives on Revolve

This skirt from Revolve has the daintiest flower pattern, so cute! and so similar to The Room skirt! 

We especially love this more beachy vibes lacey skirt that is also easy to pair with shorts underneath for a more covered look.

Leopard Everything

Amsterdam might have the biggest concentration of leopard print around. If you stroll around the Nine Streets, a popular destination for boutique hopping and vintage shopping; you’ll find effortlessly cool girls walking around sporting some kind of leopard! We’re all for leopard print, a decades-long favorite in many wardrobes globally. So, whether you prefer just a touch of or a louder approach, you can definitely catch some inspiration around the city. 

These are just some examples of how to wear your Leopard, but we love it all. You can go for a more neutral-based look and add a pop of pattern, or go all out with the clothing of your choice, either way – you’ll look fabulous. Leopard has resurfaced as a staple so it comes as no surprise we’re seeing so many variations and combinations! 

@Isabellapmayer is wearing a beautiful wool coat from Sezane!

@miriammelen opted for leopard jeans. Whereas most stores have a wide selection of leopard pants, Ganni have the perfect leopard print for the summery months to come. 

@manondevelder is wearing the perfect outfit for a chilled-out weekend stroll, and this little purse is to die for! The purse is from Jerome Dreyfuss

 We also found a bigger option, the Madewell bucket purse and the print is to die for, it is also more affordable!

Leather Jackets

Amsterdam is known for its unpredictable weather, and while one spring day can be clear blue skies and breezy warm winds, the next can be hailing, raining, and freezing cold. A good staple leather jacket always comes in handy and can be of use for every season, so if you prefer the classic black or maybe a motorcycle jacket with patches, there is something for everyone, and we are definitely seeing them everywhere! Finding the perfect jacket is essential and so easy with all the thrift shops in Amsterdam! 

(Right image: @maaikelothmann) (Left image:@isabellapmayer)

We’re seeing the viral Pinterest motorcycle jacket (quite literally) everywhere, it’s such a fun piece to add to an outfit. It gives dimension to fits that need a little more spice. Colored leather is also super in at the moment, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a trusty black leather jacket! We love all the variations around, especially playing with the color trends of the season. 

We love @maaikelothmann’s jacket, and found some great vintage finds on Etsy! This gorgeous Ferrari jacket is absolutely amazing, and will work well with neutrals.

And if you would rather go for a ‘cleaner’ look and your leather free from patches and scratches, @isabellapmayer is wearing this beautiful jacket that is so easy to just pair with everything and is a little more on the softer side of leather jackets! The one Isabella is wearing is from a little boutique, but we found an almost identical one at Free People! just a staple for a capsule wardrobe.


Stripes are so fun; thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, colorful, stripes are a longtime fashion staple, it’s not about to change anytime soon. While some say it’s a Scandi trend, we’re also loving it here in Amsterdam, especially, stripy pants. It’s a timeless uniform that can be dressed down with some basics or up with kitten heels. The pattern has dominated in recent seasons, and you can mix and match it with so many other clothes to make it your own.

amsterdam style

As you can see, the best time to wear your stripes is when you’re going to a little café for a pick-me-up. We love going comfortable but chic, so striped bottoms are a must! Worn laid-back and baggy, you can wear them for the warmer months with some cute sandals or when it gets a little chillier with some dad sneakers! @lunaisabella   is wearing some Soeur Paris bottoms,  perfect for any occasion!

We found a great pair at H&M, they give more of a pajama type of vibe, but this is definitely part of the trend!

Reformation also does amazing higher quality basics, and their stripes a doubled and so cute! also more of a comfortable look, which is what we love here in Amsterdam.

There you have it! These are the 5 items people are wearing non-stop here in Amsterdam. Take some inspo and perhaps see you in the streets of the city very soon! 


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