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The 4 Cozy Pieces You'll Wanna Wear on Repeat this Winter

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The Cozy Guide

On some winter days, it can be tough to put together an outfit without sacrificing style. Comfort is a main focus this season, but who says you can’t have style AND comfort? If you were searching for ways to incorporate style into those chilly winter looks, search no further! Keep reading to find the perfect ways to blend fashion and comfort this season.

Teddy jackets

Starting off with a fan favorite, teddy jackets are a perfect way to stay warm and stylish. Aside from the fact that you will be warm all day long, the fuzziness of these jackets is amazing. It’s like wearing a cloud! But seriously, if you don’t have one of these jackets yet… here’s your sign to look for the perfect one. Lucky for you, I’ve linked some of my favorites right now. And here are some super cute ways of styling them for this winter!

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Mittens & Gloves

Mittens and gloves have become a great way to style “winter chic”. There are so many options for styling when you accessorize with gloves! Leather gloves can add a touch of sophistication to casual outfits, or choose knitted mittens for a cozy, laid-back look. Experimenting with colors and textures will make a bold statement – think rich burgundies, classic neutrals, or faux fur embellishments for added flair! The key is to blend comfort with elegance. Mittens and gloves are the perfect accessory to elevate any winter ensemble! Here are some really fun ways they have been styled:


Aside from keeping your ears warm, earmuffs can add a lot to your winter looks. Keep it cozy by adding a fuzzy pair of earmuffs to a comfy outfit, or have fun accessorizing with them! This season is all about redefining comfort, so find what makes you comfy, and really have fun! Earmuffs are also just such a cute piece to style and give off that sense of holiday warmth. If you need some inspiration for styling, look no further! 


I think we can all agree that everyone gets excited when it’s finally time to take out the comfy boots again. Styling boots and slippers for this season started early, with street style giving us tons of casual looks paired with comfy Uggs and moccasins. Styling your winter boots should be fun and fresh, just like this season’s trends! Try out all different pairings, like styling boots with jeans one day, then dressing them down the  next. There’s no limit to what you can wear your boots with this winter. Here are some super chic ways of styling boots and slippers for this season: 


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