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Dress like an Italian: What to Pack for Italy this Summer!

I've visited Italy earlier this month, and oh my! It blew my mind away! The fashion, the people, the vibes, the things to do and places to see! I personally went to Milan, Florence, Portofino, Parma, and back up to Milan again. I loved Milan so much, it doesn't have touristy vibes, and the fashion is something like I've never seen before! Some trends that I spotted there are asymmetrical pieces, pleated skirts, super elegant style, and a true uniqueness in every outfit. There is so much room to dress differently on an Italian vacation! It depends where you go to and what the vibe of your trip it :) Here are some things that are absolutely essential you pack with you! I prefer to pack light and options for items I could re-wear again and again. Also, gotta leave some room for that Italian shopping experience!

By the way! Everything I sourced is from the Mango sale - so everything is super affordable right now, and more specifically, everything is under $100!

Asymmetrical White Top

Sofia Richie Dupe Rosette One Shoulder Top

Classic White Dress

The Perfect Rose - Date Night Dress

a woman wearing a stylish outfit in beverly hills

Essential Contrast Tank Top We All Need in Our Closets

Off the Shoulder Elegant Top

Classic Cotton Shorts You'd Wanna Live In

The Perfect Matching Top

THAT Printed Skirt!

Classic White Skirt - A Must!

That Perfect Long-sleeve for those Chilly Nights

That Printed Dress of your Italian Dreams

THAT Strapless Dress for those Hot Summer Days

Keeping it Classy with a Beige Mid-Length Skirt


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