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Fall, meet biker jacket

Nothing like a good biker jacket for Fall! I like to call it the “biker jacket effect” - the confidence, the sophistication, the allure it gives you! This fall, we’re keeping the love for leather going and showing you the best ways to style your biker jacket. And if you aren’t already taking it out from retirement for this season, it’s time to start shopping for your new favorite jacket.

a women wearing a moto jacket
Spotted in Los Angeles, by: Linoy Friedman

Here are some ways I've seen people styling it on the streets:

| With Denim

A biker jacket with a good pair of denim is just such a classic. This sporty chic jacket can easily be used for off-duty dressing, and adds a bit of an edge to the classic jeans.

Here’s an example of how I imagine this style combo:

a women wearing moto jacket with denim jeans
Spotted in Paris, by Linoy Friedman

Here is how you can recreate the look!


| Add a Skirt!

The next styling option is to pair your biker jacket with a short, pleated skirt. With the comeback of leg warmers, this makes such a cute combo for Fall! A pair of loafers goes perfectly with this outfit. Here’s how I love seeing it styled:

a women taking a mirror selfie wearing leather jacket and mini skirt and leg warmers
Image source: Pinterest, unknown.

Here is how you can recreate the look!


| Tailored Trousers

Wide leg pants have been a trending item for many seasons, and their business casual feel goes great with a leather biker jacket. A tailored pair of wide leg trousers just has such a polished look & feel. Throw on a leather biker jacket and you have a beautiful mixture of aesthetics. Here’s the inspo:

Spotted in Paris, by: Linoy Friedman

Here is how you can recreate the look!


| Dress it Up

If you’re looking for a more feminine touch, this style idea is perfect for you. A gorgeous way to dress up a biker jacket is by adding a slip or maxi dress underneath. While it’s a great way to keep warm in the cooler months, it also is so chic and flattering. The shoes are up to you- pair it with heels for a more delicate feel, or wear a pair of boots to complement the tough biker aesthetic. Here’s one example of this style:


Here’s the style guide for styling your biker jacket this fall!

A collage of woman styling leather jackets
Collage by: Jessica Brown

Contributed by: Jessica Brown


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