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5 Items for Father's Day to Create his Capsule Wardrobe

Fathers day is coming up! Although we don't write a lot about mens fashion, we thought fathers day would be a great time to start! Whether you're celebrating your father, your partner, or both, here are 5 amazing items that will upgrade his wardrobe and make it effortlessly chic.

These shorts are the perfect color for summer! They can be paired with so many shirts. These are essential for creating a capsule wardrobe!

bermuda shorts

Speaking of shorts, Mango just dropped the best linen collection! We want to get our hands on everything! These white linen shorts are a Summer staple, and the best part is that you can match with your little ones!

sun and father sitting with matching clothes

We also sourced these matching father son clothes are going to make the perfect gift! This loose fitted linen shirt is so easy to style in so many ways, linen is so breathable which is so perfect for Summer, especially for the ones who get hot and sweaty really easy!

Loosely fitted linen shirt

And of course, how can one survive Summer without a pair of Semi Fitted off white pants?? Get these for him, even if you're not celebrating Father's Day! Trust haha.

semi fitted pants

We just can't seem to get enough of sharing of our love for stripes recently, but this light long sleeve shirt would be perfect to wrap around the shoulders over a white linen buttoned down shirt on an evening outdoor outing.

blue stripped shirt

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