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I Grew Up in Paris, These are the Timeless Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

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What People Are Wearing in Paris

Growing up in Paris is like a dream come true for the fashion girlies, you get a first-hand look into all the styles and trends that dominate the city streets. Not only that, you get to actually experience that certain Parisian girl chic that everyone envisions when they walk around Paris. However, contrary to popular belief, the beret isn’t a thing and is only a myth that contradicts everything Parisians stand for. Paris chic is an effortless style that can only be recreated with some very specific staple pieces that (probably) everyone has in their closets, think of it as a Paris capsule wardrobe! Easy to follow and works with all your other clothes. So, without further ado, here are the timeless pieces that never go out of style in Paris! 

Quality Denim Jeans

It goes without saying that everyone, everywhere, and at all times, needs a good pair of jeans, they’re a classic no matter the silhouette, color, or style. Jeans are an essential part of every casual wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down, styled however you see fit, and make an excellent centerpiece for any ensemble. While there have been some favored forms and shapes in the last couple of years, you should pick the one that best accommodates you. In Paris, if you’re comfortable, you’re stylish! It is meaningless what kind of jeans you are wearing; what matters is that they supplement your clothes, and as long as they’re a quality piece that will last you seasons and still work with your personal style, you’re golden. A quality pair of denim jeans is an investment that will pay off, so investigate your ideal cut and get styling—just like the Parisians who know how to dress their jeans to fit any occasion! 

You can get basic jeans at any known retailer, just pick your favorite! Linoy has spotted too many good pairs in the streets of Paris, and here are some of our favorite timeless cuts!

Diesel is the mother of jeans, we love this bootcut with a little split hem moment!

If you’re more into a straight leg and mom-jean cut, these Isabel Marant are to die for! 

And if the baggy cut is your thing, Reformation has some amazing pairs! Those jeans will last (almost) a lifetime! They also come in so many colors, so you can pick your favorite. 

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are an absolute essential in Paris. Recently returned to the global radar, ballet flats have been a staple in the Parisian wardrobe and have never truly gone out of style. They’re so versatile for all seasons, as we have recently seen people styling them with cute socks or stockings for winter, or wearing them without in the spring and summer. As they’re so flexible, it’s no wonder that the ballet flat has taken a bit of a contemporary spin on the trendy ‘Balletcore’ and now comes in a variety of colors, materials, and styles that work for any and all cores you so desire! Whether they’re mesh, leather, or studded, as long as they fit with your style, you’re good to go. Their resurrection proves that although trends come and go, in Paris what matters is elegance and how you style it. Here are two ways of styling your ballet flats directly from the streets of Paris! Dressing them up with a skirt for the warmer days or with some straight-leg jeans are two ideal ways of wearing your flats, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Aloha’s has some amazing (on demand!) sustainable ballet flats, from the classics to some with a twist, and they have so many different colors to choose from! I wouldn’t think twice, as they’re also affordable!

Vagabond has a similar pair of beige and black flats, super easy to style for the summer!

Lastly, we found these casual mesh flats at Nordstroms! They’re Jeffrey Campbell Mary Janes and they’re amazing! These are breathable and comfortable, there’s no going wrong, also, they’re on sale! 

Monochromatic Black

Monochromatic looks give you an evidently put-together appeal and create an almost ethereal silhouette, mostly providing the illusion of height which is always cool. So, evidently, the Parisians took it to the next step, making full-black monochrome their go-to for any occasion. The simplicity of the single-color pallet works to create an impressive and even mysterious look that will certainly turn heads in the streets. While some might argue that wearing all black is lazy, we say that some of the best street styles are all black! It works with (almost) all the other hues and tones, but there is just something about a sleek all-black that creates sophistication. If you’re still not too fond of the idea, try incorporating interesting shapes and textures into your outfit, it creates depth and visual appeal which will elevate (your already) elevated monochromatic look! We’re seeing two very different aesthetics working the monochromatic all-black, so fun! This look works for everyone. 

Reformation has a variety of little black dresses, one specifically has a similar square neckline and can be worn in so many ways, styled with a belt will have the same effect! And of course, we found the perfect belt.

Levi's has a (vegan) leather jacket that gives off a blazer vibe which is great for every season and will work dressed up or down! 

Pair the full outfit with biker boots and you’re practically Parisian! These are from COS and they are so beautiful!

We love a good pantsuit, especially when it’s black. It gives you legs for days! & Other Stories has a great pair, and you can find a bunch of other styles at UNIQLO!

Staple Accessories

As I have mentioned earlier, Paris fashion is all about comfort and style meshed together to create the perfect combination of effortless chic. Combining timeless and sustainable pieces with some basics is the go-to, but the French like to spice things up with some staple accessories that just add a whole new layer to their already-perfect outfits. Here’s where you can get super creative and let your style dictate the entire vibe you’re going for, as there are no rules regarding your accessories! It can be some fun sunglasses, a cool broach, or a silk scarf that has been passed on in the family for generations; it doesn’t matter if they’re old or new as long as they make you feel special, they will be forever stylish! This also includes any fun jewelry and of course handbags, and if you’re on the lookout for some new pieces; think about going to your local flea market or secondhand store and finding some vintage accessories to make your outfit even more unique. 

These are just some examples of staple accessories, and although the outfits stand on their own, the accessories just add so much personality to them! Revolve has so many options for chunky gold jewelry, but definitely scope out your local vintage store for some authentic vibes! 

Oakley’s reflective sunglasses pair are so cool and don’t have to be worn with a sporty look!

As for the Birkin…well, I wish I could link it for you, but I guess you can’t have it all, can you? 

In Paris, as long as you’re comfortable in your skin and are wearing what makes you feel most confident, it’s a winner! However, if you want to feel like a real Parisian walking around the streets of the city (and not looking like a tourist), these are the styles that will never go out of style, and you can wear them to fit your personal image. So, whether you’re planning your trip or simply looking for some inspiration from one of the fashion capitals of the world, these staple looks and pieces will be the best way to start. 


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