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I Looked Through The Entire Ref Sale So You Don't Have To.. Here Are My Favorite Picks

I pick these by style, price and thinking about transitioning into fall.

Starting off with tops

these are so cute, someone stop me from buying all of them.

(double click image to shop)

Next we have dresses, skirts and two piece sets

I actually just saw Nitsan Raiter wearing this skirt and a day later I see it's on the sale!!

Here is how she styled it:

Photo: Nitsan Raiter

Here are my top 4 favorite:

Last but not least we have pants

This is actually making me excited for fall I miss wearing pants and styling layers.

Thats all guys! These are my favorite sale items, hope it inspires you for transitioning into fall. I will be writing a full fall article & trend predictions soon. :)

Lots of love,


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