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Mob Wife trend? Not here to last - Opinion

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The mob-wife aesthetic – or dressing like you’re the wife of someone in the mafia – is everywhere this season, just like predicted by Kayla Trivieryi, social media influencer, in January. And it’s nothing compared to what was trending in 2023. The quiet luxury aesthetic is out, now is the time for maximalism, extravaganza and opulent chic! It’s about looking expensive and glamorous, with high-quality materials, and often a few designer items.

The inspiration is evidently Italian, and it can indeed remind us of the aesthetic of certain famous fashion houses: Dolce Gabanna, Versace etc. It’s also openly inspired by characters from movies like The Godfather, The Sopranos. But it’s become more and more popularized and here’s how you can surf on the trend:

The easy way to create a mob-wife look requires an all-black outfit base, preferably slim and curves-enhancing. Pair it with a maxi faux-fur coat – an animal pattern, black, brown or white one is even better!– and add accessories. Sunglasses, gold jewelry, designer bags, heels obviously, even high boots. In terms of materials and tones, favourise red, leopard print, black and leather. Statement pieces combined together increase the power of the look!

Here’s the inspiration:

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However, trends are by nature short-lived and quickly replaced, and I think this one will be no different. Compared to the clean girl look that was popular last year, the mob-wife aesthetic is more overwhelming and eye-catching, and it can easily become boring, after being seen too much everywhere.

The mob-wife wardrobe is extravagant and chic, but it is also not a capsule wardrobe. Made of a combination of statement pieces that are attention-grabbing and don’t fit with everything, it provides less opportunities to mix and match items. 

Because it needs to look expensive and luxurious, it can also quickly be expensive, or tacky in quality if not.

It is thus not the most sustainable or budget-friendly option, and I would say think twice before diving headfirst into the trend. I wouldn’t recommend revamping your wardrobe in full mob-wife mode, but more using what you already have to create trendy outfits. Mix-and-match with confidence, don’t hesitate to be bold and extra, but stay chic! Play with colors, patterns and maximalism. Prioritize leopard print, maxi gold jewelry, black sunglasses, faux-fur and high-quality, branded items. You can also play with bold cosmetics –maybe a red lipstick, long red polished nails and heavy eye makeup– and hairstyles for endless experimentations at low cost!

And if you really want to buy new pieces, imagine the way it could suit another aesthetic once you (and everyone) will be tired of the trend. Maybe try to buy pieces that can fit both within a mob wife aesthetic and a simpler chic simple look, to be reworn endlessly!

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Even though the mob wife trend isn’t predicted to last, it doesn’t mean it’s still not fun to experiment with! I personally love the comeback of leopard print and the boldness behind the mix-and-match of extravagant pieces. So let’s play with until it’s replaced by a new aesthetic!  

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