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This is exactly how you should style denim, according to Parisians

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Easy to style and to wear (it matches all the colors and textures) denim is a must-have in every wardrobe. From a casual effortless vibe to a more stylish and elegant look, you can channel any aesthetic you want with a good denim. Its versatility allows everyone to express their unique style while staying comfortable, making it a timeless and beloved choice in the ever-evolving world of fashion. That’s probably why it has become such an important part of Parisians' closet. Walking around the French capital, I’ve seen so many inspiring looks redefining denim and highlighting the power it holds as a fashion essential. But don’t worry, I’m not going to keep it a secret for any longer. Let me give you the tips I’ve learned from people-watching, unveiling the French’s secrets for mastering the art and power of denim!

Look for quality:

The most important thing you need to look at when choosing a denim piece is its quality. To make sure it looks effortlessly chic, it needs to look authentic. So opt for raw colors and thick materials, as well as apparent pockets (on the front for an even more uniquely sophisticated look!). And if it looks a little washed-out, it’s even better, giving it a vintage twist! As long as you stick to this advice, you can experiment with colors. From the classic charm of blue, to the chic of gray and black, the freshness of white or even some colors, there are endless possibilities! Here is the inspiration: 

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Oversized is alway a win:

For jeans, the trend is definitely to wear larger shapes this season. Loose, flared, oversized, wide-legs there is a lot to choose from. While loose jeans and wide-legs will give you an effortlessly trendy style inspired by the 90s, flared ones will make it look bohemian-chic, as if taken from the 60s. Or opt for long and large denim skirts for edgy glamorous.On the top, oversize shirts and jackets are essentials, never running out-of-style. Throw one open over a classic outfit for an effortless look, or button-it down for a trendy chic aesthetic. 

Big denim clothes are statement pieces that will always make a bold statement, so they can be styled easily with good basics: neutral tones tee, a striped sweater etc.. Plus, they’re so comfortable, so what’s not to love?

Here is some inspiration: 

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The hem

The only downside to the oversized jeans trend is that it can get annoyingly long and drag on the floor. But don't worry, Parisians have found the best way to solve the issue while making it fashionable (and in the meantime showing your cute pair of shoes!): making a hem! Here’s how they do it: fold it once only, and then again, the bigger the better! That’s the inspiration: 

Source:What People Are Wearing

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Interesting shapes

While an oversize denim jacket always looks good, I’ve seen more and more people experiment with unusual denim pieces this season. Corset, shirts, jumpsuits, biker jackets, vests, there are so many possibilities, and they will all give a vintage chic look to your outfit. It's all about celebrating the timeless allure of denim in stylish ways, bringing a fresh approach through structure. So, dare to experiment and let your personal style shine by giving a modern twist to the classic charm of denim with new shapes! Here is how Parisians do it:

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Denim on denim

Yes, denim on denim is in! It's a fantastic opportunity to combine the previous style tips. Opt for an oversize pair of jeans and pair it with a cute denim vest for a modern and fashionable suit. The key is in color-matching, creating a cohesive look that appears effortlessly stylish, as if both pieces were coming from the same piece of denim and destined to be worn together! Here is what it can look like:  

This Article was all about how you should style denim according to Parisians


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