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The Ultimate Ballet Flats Guide: These are the Ballerinas Parisians Can't Stop Wearing & Why

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Not long ago we talked about the shoes that we are going to see non-stop this coming season, and among them were the slingbacks, loafers, mesh shoes or Mary Jane's, and if there is something they all have in common, it is that they all are, more or less, kind of based on the most classic shoe of all: the ballet flats. And so many positive characteristics come to mind when we think of ballerinas: comfort, versatility, functionality, elegance, delicacy, adaptability, should we keep going? It's no surprise that they continue to be so popular this season. So, let's break down some of the main reasons why the catwalks and the streets are still full of this footwear and why people love them so much.

Ballet flats styling

Comfort, always.

No one likes to wear stiff, painful shoes that hurt their feet. In fact, whenever we have to - perhaps because we are breaking in new shoes or because we fell in love with some uncomfortable high heels - we are always happy to go back to wearing sneakers, slippers or our usual cozy footwear. But it shouldn't be that way, and ballerinas are here to save the day. There are many options on the market that are made for walking and feel great on the feet, especially if we want them for all-day wear. They come with thicker insoles, high quality materials and are designed to be soft, comfortable and supportive. And the best part? You don't have to compromise on cute or chic.

Ballet flats outfit
Spotted in Los Angeles by Linoya

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Such a classic!

The patent leather finish is so beautiful on these ballet flats! Currently $100 off!

A perfect match for absolutely everyone

While some may think that ballet flats are only for romantic, feminine girls with soft aesthetics, let me tell you that's not true! They're not just rounded toe caps, bow embellishments and soft leather. There are endless options to suit anyone's individual tastes, needs and lifestyle. 

If you are looking for something sophisticated and neat to go to work and you opt for a business chic look, then sharp pointed toe ballerinas in neutral colors are what you should choose.

If, on the other hand, you prefer plainer outfits with simple accessories and details, but the shoes are what make the impact, then printed or brightly colored ballerinas are ideal.

Or maybe you like something more daring and modern, mixing materials and layers. In that case, a pair of mesh ballerinas with silver crystals are a great choice, as they are all the rage this season.

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The neutrals combination is just what you want for work outfits.

The perfect pop of leopard!


They act as a blank canvas to which you can add more or less formal clothing and accessories of all kinds to perfectly match the occasion of the day. They are a shoe designed to serve your needs and I don't think I can state this enough. If versatility in a shoe doesn't seem like a big deal to you, think of some of the things it allows you to do: put together outfits for a thousand different occasions but using the same piece, take less stuff on a trip to save space and money, add better quality products to your closet, streamline the process of putting together a look (especially useful if you're one of those who every morning has less than minutes to get dressed). It's all pros, and we love them all!

Since ballerinas are timeless (yes, another reason they're so popular!) it's a great opportunity to invest in a good quality, durable, reliable pair that you love and, very importantly, fit your overall style. A great addition to your capsule closet if you ask me.

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Such a chic and edgy option!

These sheer Dear Frances shoes are selling out everywhere! They were just released in Nordstrom and they’re almost sold out!

Don't worry, we found the affordable & in stock version!

Satin flats are definitely going to have their moment in 2024!

Practical, because your time is precious

I know many of us hate having to tie - and of course, then untie - our sneakers to put them on and take them off. Or when we have to fasten the buckles on our Mary Jane's one by one (because, of course, we love the ones with lots of straps). Or even if it's just a zipper, sometimes you just don't feel like it, no matter why.

With flats it's as easy as sliding your foot in and you're done. That's it, can it get any quicker and easier? I don't think so. So it's a perfect option for those of us who are always running late, or in a hurry, or just sometimes feeling lazy. 

how to style ballet flats
Spotted in Paris by Linoya

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These silver flats will make your outfit have a 'wow' effect.

We are definitely not over the pop of red.

This article was all about Why Ballet Flats are Continuing to be the Most Popular Shoe for Spring.


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