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11 Pairs of Adidas Sneakers that Live Rent-Free in My Head

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Heels and sandals are not for everyone, and over time, sneakers managed to take over and be the preferred choice among women. This is easily explained by the comfort, versatility, walkability & coolness of sneakers. These types of shoes are not necessarily ‘sporty footwear’, as you can find such a wide range of designs, fabrics and styles that will adapt and elevate anyone’s wardrobe.

With this in mind, no one can argue that Adidas, together with kitten heels & ballet flats, have been one of the most worn & popular trends of the past year. While this trend goes on and keeps flooding the streets, we are part of the people who can’t -and won’t- get over it. That’s exactly why it feels like Adidas sneakers -mainly Sambas & Gazelles- are a trend that is here to stay. 

Important: from personal experience we recommend to size half a size up and make sure to look at the size chart!

Unique adidas shoes

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t put your hands into them or if you did and are now part of the club, you want to check these 11 pairs because you are sure to find one -or some- you will love!

1. Colorful SL 72 OG

I love a good, striking pair to make any outfit brighter & more vibrant! Colors are not enough so these also combine an almost cherry red nylon material with a same tone leather for the perfect retro-vintage style. If red is too boring, and you want something a little bit more eye-catching, then check the green & teal combo.

They have such a good fit and part of that is due not only to the insole but also to the midsole. You are sure to be comfy & chic at the same time with these.

Neutral SL 72 OG

Colors are not everyone’s cup of tea and we know it. If you loved the vintage style of the previous ones but are looking for a less striking pair, good news is you can actually find them in the coolest combination, pairing a chestnut-brown tone with an almost burgundy one. 

I can picture them with so many outfits but the unbeatable one: jeans (raw hems for an even more relaxed vibe), a neutral top and a cardigan over the shoulders. That’s it. Ready to face the day in the comfiest outfit but looking effortlessly fashionable.

Unique adidas shoes

Mark my words, this shoe will be all over in 2024! I suggest to get it soon before prices start to spike.

This color way is also amazing

2. Campus 00s "Dark Green"

Immediately obsessed with this shade of green paired with white and a bit of beige. To be honest, I would totally wear this for an elevated-casual style, by pairing them with my fave jeans, a graphic tee and an oversized blazer. Definitely switching jeans for shorts if feeling more on the urban side!

Fashion truly comes and goes, so I really love when brands bring back old designs making them look so modern yet keeping the nostalgic side, adding a bit of an emotional extra for those who wore them back then. This pair is meant to be a total hit!

(Image: @hannaschonberg)

This shoe definitely represents the 'it' colors for 2024!!

3. Maroon Sambas

These might be one of the most popular for the season and I can see why: the perfect burgundy shade combined with cream is truly such a delicate combination already, so when applied to a more laid-back shoe it results in the perfect every-day footwear. Looks classy but urban, chic but practical. 

If you love the 00' style + the Maroon color, I just found your dream shoe:

4. Navy Blue Sambas

Navy is pretty much considered a neutral color at this point because of its versatility and ease to combine them, so these are sure to become a staple in your closet.

If you want to keep it neutral they pair amazingly with cream, brown or grey. But if you want extra color try combining them with pink, olive green or even pastels such as icey blue or butter yellow!

(Image: @Linoya )

5. Mesh Brown Sambas

Like Sambas weren’t already a daily choice, this pair is definitely the one for summer/spring with the mesh detail.

I would go for a flowy dress or a midi skirt, but making sure they can be seen, because they very much deserve it! All colors will look stunning, but white will look exceptionally classy and delicate!

PS: If you are going on vacay, I would say this is the most perfect pair to bring with you! You will be able to dress them up or down according to the plan.

6. Adidas x Human Race Sambas

We said that the last pair was perfect for spring & summer, but these might be as well, especially for girlies who love pink. The buttery-smooth leather combined with the suede is a classic that never misses, and they have subtle details in pastel pink. On top of this, they have a prominent tongue so, all in all, these shoes are not overpowering but do add a cute little accent to any outfit to make it more fun and interesting.

Also available in this amazing color way.

7. Bern GTX

These dark brown chocolate sneakers are distinctive in their very own way. They feature a waterproof leather that contrasts with the white details, gold eyelets & lighter sole and laces.

They look a bit more elegant than the ones above, and it feels that maybe it’s because of the finish of the leather or the deep color. Whether it is, these are sure to become your everyday shoe.

8. Bright red Handball Spezial 

These are certainly eye-catching and in the best way possible! You will love them if you like bright colors, maximalist outfits or just statement pieces. Have fun combining them with prints and other colors, or let them steal the show with a neutral outfit. Either way, you will be sure to get a lot of compliments.

What I instantly think of to pair with these is a printed, flowy dress for a day in the city or a denim skirt with a tank top, with maybe an oversized shirt on top if it is a little chilly.

Unique adidas shoes

(Image: @gemmatalbot)

9. Navy Handball Spezial 

If combining two shades of the same color never goes wrong, navy and baby blue can go further than that. However, these are not only cool and edgy, they are timeless, comfortable & functional.

To pair them jeans are always a safe play, so I would try spicing it up a little by doing white denim, a white or striped shirt and golden, chunky jewelry for accessories. I would keep the bag quite neutral so sneakers can be the star of the fit and easily take it to the next level.

Unique adidas shoes

(Image: @lara_bsmnn)

10. Blue Gazelle

Not sure how to describe this color, as it is like a perfect fusion of blue and a bit of lilac. Not too light, not too dark, just on point! The beige sole and the white accents help make the color pop and stand out in such a nice way.

Grey, brown & white are colors you can’t go wrong when combining these, and here is some inspo I’ve seen! With white socks, a skirt and a trench it’s such a lovely outfit for a coffee with friends!

Unique adidas shoes

(Image: @keziacook)

11. Handball Spezial W

Pink is by far a classic spring color and that’s one of the reasons why these became so popular! The contrasting suede and stripes looks meant to be if you ask me, and together with the sole definitely makes these sneakers a perfect balance of retro & modern fashion. They will pair so amazingly with greens, grays & blues but also with brown, which kind of reminds us of Y2K but elevated.

Unique adidas shoes

This article was all about 11 Pairs of Adidas Sneakers that Live Rent Free in My Head

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