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5 Must-Have Bags To Upgrade Any Outfit This Spring

We are about to enter the spring season, the weather is finally getting warmer and warmer, and we're starting to get excited to try new trends and we begin to wonder what we should be wearing for this couple of months. But don't worry, as always, What People Are Wearing has got you covered, in this article we will talk about the bags that you should expect to see this upcoming season and that are’nt going to disappoint you if you include them in your outfits.

Before getting right into it, you know how people traditionally tend to associate spring with flowers, soft colors and more feminine styles? Don’t get us wrong, we adore a more romantic and soft aesthetic, but 2024 is being anything but quiet and discreet when it comes to fashion, and bags are no exception. In a year where anything goes, there are no rules, and people are being encouraged to try new things, we're excited to share with you what is coming for spring, so let's take a look at a couple bags for this season.

must have bags for spring

1. Extra Large Bags

Remember when teeny tiny purses that you could barely fit your lip balm in were all the rage? I hope you do not miss them, because now it is all about big and oversized bags. Yes, that kind of bag that fits your whole life and more! They are perfect for work, as you can carry your computer, paper planner and water bottle; for the beach, fitting your book, towel and sunscreen; and even serve as your personal item for traveling, especially if you only have a carry-on and need a little extra space!

Although the classic structured totes that we all know (and love!) will not be missing, the truth is that relaxed, loose and slouchy bags are going to be the ones to go for this season, mainly with soft leathers and suede. 

must have bags

Shop Big Bags

You might have seen the amazing Rene in What People Are Wearing videos before, and this is her signature bag. Truly the perfect everyday bag.

We've seen the iconic COS quilted oversized bag so much on the streets and now it comes in white and more fun colors!

This bag is also available in silver if you want something bolder.

2. Raffia Bags

We can't think of a material that screams Spring-Summer more than raffia and rattan. These basket style bags are the accessory you must wear to give the final touch to any outfit that seeks to be relaxed, bohemian and beachy, as they combine wonderfully with flowing dresses, loose skirts, pants and linen shirts, strapless tops and oversize garments in general. Well, I guess what we are trying to say it’s that these are the bags you want to take with you if you are going on vacation to the South of France.

Something we love about these bags is that they come in many shapes, styles, sizes and colors. Some come with metal, leather and even acrylic handles and straps, braided rattan designs, bows, pearls and many more embellishments. And although we said that they go great with more relaxed looks, if you choose a more sophisticated and delicate bag option, you will certainly be able to combine it with more elegant outfits and achieve the perfect balance.

Shop Raffia Bags

I love the black and white contrast it's screaming European beach vacation in the best way possible!

If I had to describe the perfect vacation bag this would be it, ideal both for daytime & nighttime!

3. Envelope Clutch 

An absolute classic, but now bigger and bolder. Once again, the oversized pieces are the ones that steal the show and now it is the turn of the clutches. These bags are designed to be carried in one hand or under the arm, but because of that and their size, we would say that they are not the most suitable for day to day. However, they are ideal for going out at night, for a dinner or for any type of event, as you will be chic and glamorous without leaving behind any of your essentials, as they will all fit! Who doesn’t love that?

must have bags

Shop Envelope Clutch

Same bag as Sofia Richie but different color! Great tone for the spring season and for adding a subtle pop of color.

This clutch is perfect for date night and has a removable strap so it can also be a shoulder bag!

This bag comes in a few diffrent colors but we love the silver!

When I say I gasped when I saw this new bag and color by Bottega Veneta I’m not joking.

4. Shaped bags

These are daring, modern and edgy to the fullest, and we're here for it! You'll find all sorts of shapes, starting with hearts and triangles, then boxy and structured, to oddly shaped figures that are achieved by mixing different proportions for unique results.

For those who like to experiment with fashion and try funky, eye-catching accessories, these types of bags will ensure a playful and distinctive touch to your outfit. It does not matter if you prefer casual styles elevated with certain accent items or if you like to go all out with maximalist looks where the more the merrier, because in either case these bags will not fail to serve your goals.

Shop Shaped Bags

Such an iconic bag. Love it to upscale any outfit and take it to the next level.

Heart shaped bag? Immediately yes.

Classy, neutral and sophisticated, but with a distinctive shape to make it interesting!

5. Woven Interlaced Leather Bag

We know you've seen them all over the streets, and they're not going anywhere this coming spring. These types of bags have Bottega Venetta written all over them, as it was this brand that popularized the woven and interwoven technique, called intrecciato in Italian.

These bags will be an incredible way to add texture to your outfit, since the weave helps a lot to make the bag stand out and "separate" from the outfit, especially if it matches the color of your clothes.

iconic bags

Shop Woven Interlaced Bags

And of course, here is a budget friendly dupe.

If you are not a fan of this particular type of weaving, there are other options with wider leather straps and even more daring designs, where the straps go in different directions and not just horizontally and vertically. You can also play with the sizes and the overall shape of the bag. Bottega Venetta has its classic and unmistakable bag, but many other brands created other interesting alternatives that you may also like.

Shop The Style

Pairs so amazingly with jeans and a shirt! So easy to style!

This is how you make a black purse refined and modern.

This Article Was All About 5 Must-Have Bags To Upgrade Any Outfit This Spring


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