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A Pop of Red for Fall

With the autumn breeze beginning to whisper its arrival, people worldwide are eagerly embracing a trend that's as fiery as the fall leaves. This New York Fashion Week proved the season’s favorite trend is a pop of red! I recently interviewed Claire Rose, she says that her favorite trend for Fall is a pop of red, and I just couldn't agree more! It is undeniably the hottest trend of the season! To kick off NYFW, Sofia Richie Grainge was spotted wearing a pair of red flats with her outfit to the Proenza Schouler show. It made her outfit pop off in the best way possible, perfectly complementing the black & white dress and tying the entire look together in a chic and elegant way.

Sofia Richie Grainge wearing red shoes for Fall during New York Fashion Week

The Ferragamo collection by Maximilian Davis was the first spark to inspire this season’s love for red, and we just keep seeing more and more of it, both on the streets and on the runway!

Our absolute favorite way to throw a pop of red this fall is with red shoes, and more specifically ballerina style shoes, as seen on Sofia Richie Grainge!

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While a pop of red looks amazing with shoes, there are so many ways you can combine red in your wardrobe. Here’s the style guide:

How to wear a pop of red for this upcoming Fall. A collage of mixing the color red into your wardrobe

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For the minimalists who may not be ready to fully commit to a monochromatic look, don’t worry- there are effortless ways to introduce this vibrant color into your wardrobe, and it all comes down to the details! Another way to add some red into your wardrobe is a gorgeous red top, or bag, like one of these!

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The allure of this red lies in its classic appeal, assuring you that these pieces won't be banished to the back of your closet come the next season.

how to wear a pop of red collage with Mary Jane shoes, a leather jacket, boots, and Chanel flats

I hope you enjoy the color red for Fall as much as I do! I'm already planning all my outfits :)

Lots of love,


*Contributed by: Jessica Brown.


Sep 20, 2023

I have red flats and a red bag already! Lucky me! Nice article!


madison Mier
madison Mier
Sep 19, 2023

I love this article!

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