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How I managed to quite my 9-5, Q&A with Eirunn, Norwegian influencer & content creator

I had the pleasure of meeting Eirunn through filming her for my What People Are Wearing videos! We then connected at Coachella of all places, found out we're neighbors, and we've been friends ever since! Her style is feminine, elevated, and I love that she adds her own little touch with every single outfit. I hope you enjoy this mini interview!

How did you go from quitting your 9-5 to working in fashion?

I had a summer job in college back home in Norway, and it taught me how important it is for me to be passionate about my work. I realized working for myself would be the dream scenario. when covid hit I decided to start putting more work into my social media platforms and 3 years later I finally do content creation full time. I’m truly so happy and grateful!

What are your trend predictions for summer?

Sofia Richie core, timeless style, old money aesthetic, minimalist fashion, whatever you wanna call it, I think we will see people switch out maximalist for minimalist fashion. Think Olsen twins and Princess Diana.

What is something you can’t stop wearing?

I can’t stop wearing rosettes! I’m currently obsessed with 90’s fashion and Carrie Bradshaw.

All time favorite accessory?

My all time favorite accessory has to be jewelry. Not only does it have the power to totally transform any outfit, but I love how there’s so much personality and sentimental value in jewelry.

Follow Eirunn here! @Eirunneba

Click here to watch our Coachella interview!


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