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May Trend Predictions!

Stripes All Around

If there is one thing for certain, stripes are here, and are here to stay! A striped button down or a light striped sweater are the perfect items to just throw on to elevate any simple jeans outfit. It has a true "old money" aesthetic, and I see so many fashion icons leaning towards to more basic yet elevated style.

Here is the style guide


Talk About Linen

Ok life hack! If you want your outfit to look expensive, all you need is a touch of linen! There are so many light and breezy options when it comes to linen - from shorts, to pants, to button down shirts, I love them all! Linen is such an affordable way to look expensively chic. I personally like to get my linen items from H&M - they are so affordable and look amazing!

Here's the style guide:


Back to Basics

Another huge trend we've been seeing all over lately - is the basic core. But I'm not talking sweats and t-shirt basics, I'm talking elevated basics. All you really need are a few items to create the perfect basic core wardrobe. I love to have pieces that are high quality, and that I can wear in multiple ways. Check out the style guide below to see exactly what I mean!

Here is the Style guide



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