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What to Wear to the Office in Your 20s

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You know what I love about the 20's? It’s when you get to experiment the most, in all the aspects of life: work, relationships, hobbies, studies, and of course, your personal style! And while this implies sometimes struggling, it also includes so much fun, learning & new experiences.

For many it’s when we land our first corporate jobs and start building what’s going to be our career, which means showing ourselves to the world - and here is when fashion can become important! While some people believe clothes and fashion are something superficial or non-relevant, I am fully convinced that is something that impacts our life in so many ways, has the power of making us feel better, invites us to explore our creativity while having fun and, mainly, is a way of self-expression that many of us find really helpful.

Feeling secure in what we’re wearing is such an ego-booster but in the best way possible! When we start our career we’re full of questions, unsure of what the next step is & facing new responsibilities, so the last thing you need is to also be doubting your outfit!

If you are also in this moment of life, here is an inspiration guide on what to wear to the office and how to style it, but remember that fashion is personal and you need to add your own identity twist into it. Dedicating time to find your own style might take a while but it will certainly pay off later!

So, based on some looks from What People Are Wearing & some creators we love, let’s get started:

ofice outfit ideas
(Image: @jacquelineyschiu)

This look is so simple to recreate yet so chic! She is definitely relying on nice, good quality basics that fit her beautifully, and that is the key. She’s subtly accessorizing with some chunky rings, an asymmetrical black bag, white socks & a comfy pair of loafers. All together looks so professional but practical & stylish at the same time.

To recreate this fit:

Black one is sold out but this dark navy is a great alternative.

Check out this super budget-friendly option!

White and black outfit is so simple yet so chic, the silk scarf adds the kick of chic the outfit is desiring. When it comes to minimalistic outfits it's all about the details, like opting for a sheer white top with a black bralet.

office outfit idea

Here is how you can recreate the look

For warmer weather this look is so easy to put together! You only need your fave basics: a white shirt (wouldn’t go too oversized here) & blue jeans, and then it’s all about the shoes! I love the pink ones she’s wearing but you can certainly play a little and do more or none heel, other colors, even some print!

office outfit idea
(Image: @wendyswan)

The only thing I would do differently is to opt for a bigger bag to carry all my essentials, but I do love going for a white one with gold details. Also, you can button up the shirt a bit more if you feel like it’s too much or simply add a nice silk scarf tied to your neck as a cute little accent.

Here is how you can recreate the look

Price drop is crazy on these jeans

The perfect white button down

The perfect shade of pink and they're made of satin which is so on brand for spring and summer 2024

Directly from the streets and captured in Paris by Linoy’s lens, here is a recreation of such a perfect office look: not too formal but not too urban either! Just perfect balance. Using the same base as the previous one but slightly changing the accessories you get a completely different look… and that’s the whole point!

Recreate the look

Classic black flats

This one is for our gray lovers! What I love about this outfit is the combination of shades and textures but keeping the same colors! The oversized blazer adds structure, volume and a sharp finish for the look; the sweater adds the cozy vibes and clashes with the blazer making everything more balanced (you could totally go for a sweater top or just a cotton one during warmer days); and lastly the metallic silver shoes bring shine, energy and elevates the outfit acting like a ‘pop of color’ but in the very same color scheme! Jeans are the piece that brings everything together by adding the contrast that makes all the garments stand out on its own.

office outfit ideas
(Image: @sincerelyjules)

Recreate Sincerely Jules look:

Love the wash of these jeans.

You can always count on your Bottega Veneta bag to immediately upgrade any look!

The silver ballet flats is really what will make this outfit pop, and not be your average 9-5 outfit.

For girls who are looking for a little bit more of fun but just not too crazy, then this one might be perfect inspo, and the best part is, it's based on the last outfit with a diffrent top and bag!

First of all, I love a subtle combo of prints: the stripped shirt with the Goyard bag pairs in such a smooth way! Since both are kind of ‘quiet’ patterns you get a classy outfit but way more interesting because of it! You don’t need to go too big to pull a fun outfit. 

The metallic flats and the slightly washed jeans adds another fun twist without being too loud! All in all, this outfit is a perfect example of how you can put together a modern, edgy outfit while keeping it professional and office-friendly!

office outfit idea
(Image: @sincerelyjules)

Recreate The Look

Jeans & flats are the same ones linked in the previous look! That’s how versatile these pieces are!

And lastly one of my all time favorites! Brown and white is a combo that never goes wrong and that, while keeping it classy and neutral, you still move away from wearing black! The raw hem is what gives the outfit that urban twist without going too far, so you can wear this from the office to after-office as well!

office outfit ideas

Recreate the look!

This article was all about office outfit ideas


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