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This is what NYC girlies are wearing this summer:

I shared with you guys the white midi/maxi skirt and sneakers video this week and I couldn't be more obsessed! All of these looks are subway and walking proof so if you're headed to New York soon this guide is for you!

I love being able to capture trends in real time from real people ( and not just seeing it on influencers ) it gives me daily inspiration of what to wear and how to style my next look!

This trend is so practical and can be styled in so many different ways! You can just have fun with it and make it your own, and I cant deny walking 15k+ steps a day in anything that is not sneakers is basically mission impossible!

I found the cutest skirts and sneakers from Revolve and I hope you love them as much as I do!

The white skirt shop:

This skirt is giving me all the fairy vibes. The fit looks so flattering and fun and very versatile you could dress it up or down.

This skirt is super similar to the one I wore in Milan!

This skirt is the perfect day to night transition, drop the sneakers, switch to mini heels and there you have it. One thing about me is when I shop I look for items I could style and wear multiple times, if its a "one time outfit" I don't want it ( insert Anna Sitar voice ) hahah.

I have this skirt, and I wore it so much this summer. Definitely a good purchase.

The sneakers shop:

Are you a Nike girlie or Adidas girlie? Me? Im a Gemini girlie so I just love both hahah. I found some really cool sneaker that would go really nicely with the skirts:

I just discovered this brand and they are selling out FAST, they have a really affordable price point and so many cool options.

Pink and green will forever remain my fav color combination, I think they just go so well together, I own these Dutch green nikes and they are one of my most worn sneakers.

Thats it for the trend report today! Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,



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