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A Guide: 5 Essential Items to Dress Like European Men

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If you're tired of your man ruining your vacation pictures with his questionable outfits, keep reading - this article is for you!

European mens wear
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

In What People Are Wearing we do not talk about men’s fashion frequently, but they definitely deserve the spotlight sometimes, especially when it comes to the men from Paris, Milan & South of France.

European men seem to have mastered the effortless look, by pairing garments such as loose shirts, trousers with relaxed fit & neutral footwear that include sandals, sneakers and loafers among others. They also rely on good basics top pieces - like sleeveless tank tops, polos & long sleeved plain t-shirts - and they make sure to accessorize wisely in a really subtle way with sunglasses, caps, socks, crossbody bags and more.

The key for European men seems to be based firstly on quality, nice looking pieces. Materials & fabrics have a huge impact on the overall result of the outfit and they know it and work with it. That’s exactly why materials such as cotton, linen or cashmere are their top picks. Secondly, they believe in a capsule wardrobe with thoughtfully chosen items, where all of them - or most - are basic, neutral, easy to combine garments.

‘Quality & neutrals’ might sound boring, but it’s not when you lean on styling to elevate the outfit. Layering, accessories and textures are all different ways of upgrading a fit to take it to a whole other level while making it look so effortless and simple.

If your goal is to help your boyfriend sort of blend in with the European men, then here’s a guide on 5 items you will want to buy him in order to achieve this relaxed, laid-back looking vibe. If you are a man reading this, you're more than invited too!

1. Linen Shirt in Light Colors

Linen and shirts are a classic of the season for both men and women, so this one can’t be anywhere else but first on the list.

Linen is a loose, fresh, lightweight material so it’s a perfect piece to add movement and dimension. On the other hand, summer & spring call for lighter, softer colors that will not only look more natural and less striking but will also help to bring luminosity to the overall outfit. 

He won’t have a problem styling them since these types of shirts pair amazingly with any kind of pants, from jeans and trousers to shorts (even a nice swimsuit!), and never fail to hit that laid-back vibe, which can be easily enhanced by rolling up the sleeves to add an urban, cool touch and takes less than two minutes. He can wear them for the beach or pool but also for a stroll around the city or a lunch date. Who doesn’t love a versatile garment when on vacation, especially when packing light?

European mens wear
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

Shop The Style

It's funny how they styled the model exactly like the street-style look we found in Milan!

Trust me when I say you'll end up stealing this shirt for yourself 90% of the time!

This green shade is the perfect match to go with white, cream and navy tones.

2. Cream, White, Beige and Navy Trousers (or Shorts!)

A good pair of quality pants can make all the difference. However, while on holiday it is very important to aim for comfort and breathable fabrics, so keep that in mind. Cotton, light denim or linen are good choices and very easy to find. Also, don't forget that one of the keys to a relaxed style is to stick to wider garments instead of tight-fitting ones, and this also applies to the tops.

If you go for pants, be sure to decide what length best compliments your boyfriend's personal style, as you don't want to stray too far from it but you do want to add new items to his closet. I think ankle length looks great and allows shoes to really stand out, but super long pants also have a certain allure that we can't deny.

When it comes to shorts, I think there is a fine line between what looks more dressy and what can look sporty. Men especially tend to wear sportswear a lot but vacationing in Europe is a great opportunity to try new things fashion-wise and leave athleisure behind just for a couple of days. This doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable or overly fancy, it's all about finding a balance. Good materials and textures combined with a great fit will do the trick. You can also opt for alternatives to the classic button and zipper by going for styles with an elastic waistband and drawstring, which are much more practical.

how to dress my boyfriend for european vacation
Spotted in Milan by Linoya

Shop The Style

Any man will love the elasticated waistband that practically feels like wearing sweatpants while look effortlessly chic.

Linen pants are perfect for spring and summer as they’re super breathable and not to mentioned super comfortable and stylish.

For a more elevated look - opt for these pants.

Love these (!!!)

I would pair this with something more casual like a navy T-shirt

3. Basic Layering T-shirts

A plain tee is the base of all outfits regardless the gender, the vibes and the aesthetics. So yes, European men's fashion is no exception.

Many of them wear these base pieces on their own, and when this is the idea we’re going for, I do believe it can be on the tighter side but without completely being there, if that makes sense. You don’t want them to be too wide to lose the shape but you don’t want them to be too tight to act like a second-skin garment either. Wearing them on their own also means investing in quality pieces since you want your man to feel -and look- good on them.

These tanks and t-shirts are also an absolute must for layering and that’s another reason to choose the fit wisely. How could we not love layers if they are one of the easiest tricks when it comes to styling!? These top parts look good combined with an open or half-buttoned shirt or with sweaters on top of the shoulders.

Shop The Style

Simply a classic

Super affordable and comes in so many colors!

Linen T-shirts are just perfect. Love how match a fabric choice can elevate an outfit!

4. Polo Style T-shirts

Polos are like basic t-shirts but taken to the next level. They are comfy & soft but cute enough to dress up any casual outfit without being extremely elegant. Just a perfect fusion between an edgy and a classy vibe. 

A classic styling way of polos is to wear them with jeans or cargo pants & sneakers for a more urban look or go for chinos or nice shorts paired with loafers for something a little bit more sophisticated. You can always pay more attention to the details if you want more! A polo t-shirt is just the base but you can go for different materials, little pops on the neck and sleeves, textures, etc.

Shop The Style

Excuse me? The ribbed finishings at the collar and sleeves?! Obsessed!

Love the little knit style twist to add some spice to it.

The details on this!

Keep it simple with this polo shirt

This one has to be my favorite! Comes in multiple colors.

5. Top it off

A good jacket can instantly upgrade a look, both for men and women! But considering men don't wear heavy accessories, the jacket is the hero element of a chilly day look. It's so simple for them to just throw on a basic tee with a good pair of pants with a nice jacket and look effortlessly chic.

european mens wear
Spotted in Paris by Linoya

A simple look can be easily elevated with a good jacket like this one

This is a great lighter jacket for a cool spring or summer evening.

A classic, available in many colors

Perfect to throw over the shoulders or wear as is.

This post was all about 5 Ways to Style Your Boyfriend Like an European.

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