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A local's Guide for What to Wear in Amsterdam

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what to wear to amsterdam

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for two years now and my style has done a 180 and evolved so much during this time. I love the way Amsterdam makes you feel safe and secure to wear whatever you want without any hesitation because the city is so welcoming and international, everyone’s fashion is appreciated! When planning your trip itinerary, don’t forget to pre-plan your outfits to go along with any and all activities, as you’ll want to look your best in the city of dreams. Amsterdam is all about freedom, tolerance, and trust, so you will want to dress accordingly. You’ll probably need some inspiration, and help! For both the itinerary and the fits. So, here’s your guide to Amsterdam according to an (almost) local, with tips and hidden gems that you wouldn’t be able to find without our help. 

Museum Day

Amsterdam is a mecca of museums! There are over 40 museums around the city, which is a record number if you ask me. They range from contemporary art to special futuristic exhibitions to classic art from hundreds of years ago, so there’s something for everyone. It’s an easy way to spend a rainy afternoon (and we have plenty of those). To be museum-appropriate, you’d want to start with some basic pieces and work around them to create a sophisticated look; comfortable shoes and a statement piece to elevate the entire outfit are great options for the ideal museum look. Be creative and throw in some colors or textures to stand out a little bit, you’re an art piece yourself! 

Try going for a blend of museums; MOCO, Fabrique des Lumières, or Stadelijk! There’s also NXT, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh (a must, book in advance!), and the Anne Frank House for a very important history lesson. 

Outfit 1:

We love the pop of red in the first outfit! It is the perfect low-key statement for a stroll around the galleries, it looks super sharp We found the perfect little cropped blazer from Mango, and the tweed gives it an extra layer to the fit! 

Burberry has an amazing bomber-style quilted jacket for the chillier museum days. 

The mesh flats are so cool and look so different with every outfit! Love! 

Outfit 2:

going double denim is always a good idea and an amazing wear for the museums. We especially love this outfit; the denim hues complement each other so well Also; this is the perfect example of going Dutch and pairing dad sneakers with the outfit ;) Reformation has a great oversized denim jacket. 

This Levi’s denim jacket is the perfect color! If you’re less into the oversized look this is a great alternative for a more fitted vibe.

& Other Stories has the best wide-leg jeans for a laid-back look. 

the trusty New Balance 350 for a classic dad shoe! 

We love this cream turtleneck to finish off the look!

Outfit 3:

Is amazing for a warmer museum day. We love pairing shorts with knee-high boots, it always looks so cool, especially if they’re wider boots, and the color combination is phenomenal. We love this super affordable brown ribbed sweater from NA-KD.

Reformation has some super cute ready-to-wear black boxers.

And Abercrombie does amazing shorts, we love the fit they have! 

Lastly, we found very similar black riding boots at COS, they’re to die for, we love the chunky look! 


One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is stroll along the canals and find cozy little cafés. You will obviously be very tired and want a sweet treat or a yummy brunch after all the walking and exploring, so this is the perfect opportunity. Here in Amsterdam, there is nothing that the locals enjoy more than sitting outside and soaking up the sun with a refreshing drink in hand (preferably, an iced matcha latte with coconut milk, thank me later). And when you’re lucky enough to get some sun, you live the day to the fullest. Going to brunch is always an excuse to wear your most reliable staples that make an outfit a head-turning look and you’ll feel put together and ready for the best gossip sesh of the week. I don’t like sharing my best-kept secrets, but I recommend checking out Screaming Beans, Luuk’s, Carmen, Saint-Jean, Lottis, Locals, or Skina for some really good people-watching and amazing coffee, brunch, and pastries. 

A dress is the ultimate brunch companion, because you’re never uncomfortable if you’re too full, and there’s always room for more! This white dress is so beautiful, and it looks so cool paired with a pair of sneakers, it’s giving effortless vibes and we’re all for it. This backless moment is so cute! 

Gazelle Galore! The perfect neutral sneaker that (literally) goes with everything. 

This little button-up cardigan is perfect!

Throw on a trench (we also have a full guide on trenches, if you’re not loving this one, check out our article!) 


The city thrives during the evenings, especially in the spring and summer months; everyone is out on a terrace for dinner and drinks, and the sun doesn’t set until 22:30, it’s so uplifting! The vibes are immaculate and this is your chance to dress to impress (no one in particular but yourself) since everyone else will be well-dressed and ready for a fun night. Going out for dinner is a big treat for some of us, spending a tidy sum for what will (probably) be most of your evening, so wear your favorite pieces and stand out, you don’t need to wait for a fancy occasion to dress up, you’re the view! It might be hard to make dinner reservations (I recommend checking in advance to see where you want to eat!). But here are my favorite dinner places for a fun evening in the city; Ceppi’s, Bar Bellini, Caffé Pico, Bar Centraal, nNea Pizza, Cabrón, MOMO, and Sushi Fanatics.

Blazers are a really big deal in Amsterdam and a staple for dinner. Mostly incorporated with basic pieces to create an elevated but laid-back vibe, they’re perfect to spice up your outfit and make you look effortlessly cool. We love this white-on-white fit that Linoy is wearing, such a classy and clean look. This is a great option for a fancier dinner night out, both sophisticated and casual

Linoy’s blazer is from the Frankie Shop but is currently sold out in white. However, if you’re more of a black swan girlie, they have it in black! This outfit can totally work in darker monochromatic hues. 

The pants are from the same place, are still in stock, and are amazing! 

Pair this with Uniqlo pleated trousers for the same effect.

If you’re not into sheer, this top is a great option.

If your dinner plans are more casual, this is precisely the vibe people go for here in the city. Some cute shorts, an oversized blazer, and a staple purse to add some dimension, very Amsterdam! 

The black blazer is from Acne Studio, an investment piece that will go a long way! 

If you don’t like the padded shoulders look, Reformation has a relaxed-fit blazer that will work just as well.

And for a more affordable alternative, try Uniqlo! 

Some black denim shorts we love! 

If you want to add more dimension to the outfit, we love these leather shorts from Anine Bing, very similar to the ones in the photo!

We fear the purse (the star of the show) must have been custom-made, but there are some amazing Himalayan/snakeskin print alternatives for all price ranges! Jacquemus has something similar coming soon! 

ARKET has a bigger option, also crossbody which is super comfortable! 

Pair the final look with some cute loafers and call it a day!


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