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4 Perfect Pair Of Tights To Keep You Warm and Stylish This Winter

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Now that underwear can be worn as outerwear, legs are out and what's better than tights to keep us warm AND fashionable this winter?! But enough of the boring black or sheer ones, it’s time for more colors and patterns!

Even though we all wear them as a commodity to fight the cold of the winter while still being able to wear our cutest dresses, shorts and skirts; tights can actually be a great fashion accessory and elevate a classic outfit. Having a look on the street for inspiration, I’ve found a pair of legwear for each of our favorite winter trends. Here are a some winter 23/24 closet essentials for a comfort chic wardrobe:


Red definitely is the color of the season and if you’re looking to give a classy rock twist to your look, there’s no better way than red tights. Elevate your winter style by pairing them with a sleek black dress or a leather skirt for a bold yet sophisticated statement. The vibrant of the red injects a playful energy into your outfit, adding a pop of color that captures the essence of the season's trends.Here are some street styles to take inspiration from

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Lace and sheer are both on the radar for 2024 fashion, so a pair of lacy tights seems like the perfect mix of both trends. Black for a chic or grunge style, white for a cuter girlycore look, there is a pair for every situation. Whichever pair you choose, it will add a touch of romance to your winter outfits, creating a delicate balance between edgy and feminine aesthetics.

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We keep seeing bows everywhere —from hairstyles to bags or tops— and it is such a cute trend, so why not on tights as well? Dive into the cuteness by throwing some bows onto your legwear, giving your winter wardrobe a playful and unexpected vibe. Whether they're hanging out on the side or tied at the front, bow-adorned tights bring a fun and girly touch to any outfit. Here are a few inspirations to copy:

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A classic yet timeless fashion accessory for winter parties: glitter tights. It’s not because the holidays are finished that we can’t still rock them. They are the perfect alternative to mix fun with fancy. Radiate through the winter nights with a pair of shining tights that will for sure add a sparkle to any classic chic outfit. Here is the inspiration:

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