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Deep Dive: Pastel Yellow

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pastel yellow trend

This year might be the best one yet in terms of pastels; the dominant color is yellow and we are so excited! Don't you just love spring? It is always such a stimulating time; the weather becomes nicer, we finally get some sunshine and vitamin D (which we’re really lacking here in Europe), and the leftover winter fashion combined with the upcoming spring street styles is always so refreshing! Spring is the perfect time to start experimenting with emerging trends and understand your personal connection to them, how you can make them your own, and get extra creative. As for spring trends, pastels have always been around and it is probably an understatement to say that they have been a longtime staple for the season, the vibrant yet subtle hues are an effortless way to elevate your closet and insert some fun pops of color into the roster. Pastel yellow gives off such an incredible and positive feeling, that it is a no-brainer as to why people choose to style it for spring. It’s a mood boost, a wonderful psychological way to associate warmth, happiness, and optimism. For this approaching season, let’s deep dive into the color, why people are wearing it beyond the trend, and how you can style it your way. 

butter yellow trend

While it may not be for everyone, pastel yellow is definitely an easier color to style if you are more of a neutrals type of girlie and prefer to keep it a bit more mellow. Let’s break it down, shall we? Pastel yellow can be paired with whites and beiges, whether you add that pop of color to accessories, shoes, or your clothes, it is friendlier to those who prefer to keep it simple. It truly enhances your entire look in a way that other pastels do not. Pairing the right accessories and the right attitude have never gone out of style, so here's a beautiful example of how to style pastel yellow without feeling like you’re going overboard.

The yellow does not overshadow any part of the full outfit, on the contrary! It adds layers and (dare I say), a little bit of sass to the look. It is so simple, yet so sophisticated at the same time so it’s the perfect example to start us off, not too loud but not too shy either. This trench ensemble is the ideal combination of spring trends, as the weather improves but is still cool enough to justify wearing a top layer. You can recreate this outfit and wear it for just about any casual occasion, brunch, drinks, or a stroll around town. The purse adds another exciting pop of color to the mix and matches the vibes of the trench perfectly.

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 This Louis Vuitton Speedy can be found on several second-hand sites and because it is so special and requested, it requires some luck to actually find and is a little bit more expensive, but very worth it for the upcoming seasons!

We also found a fantastic alternative that can work just as well!

The trench is currently on sale and is a really great way to incorporate pastel yellow into your wardrobe.

And of course we're not forgetting the cool bag charms that add so much character!

Unlike preceding color trends from the past, we are seeing a complete takeover of head-to-toe pastel yellow incorporated on runways and street styles worldwide. If you are a little more outgoing and color-loving, you can definitely use this hue to your advantage and turn some heads! We can contrast the first outfit, which is a little more delicate, and take on an entirely different approach, while still looking incredibly chic and put together. The next outfit is almost monochromatic, and to be honest, we never dreamed that pairing black and yellow together would look so cool, but it can totally be pulled off and looks exceptionally effortless. 

pastel yellow trend
Spottedin in Paris by Linoya

We adore everything about this little two-piece, and although at first glance it may seem like an odd color combo, it actually works really well together! The playful yellow accents the black perfectly and adds a unique dimension to the outfit. This is more of a sophisticated look altogether, it can be dressed up for a formal dinner or down for a more laid-back vibe. This is an amazing example of how to wear pastel yellow so that it stands out and radiates positivity!

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We found a very similar fitted cardigan on Ba&sh that will be perfect to recreate this look! The crochet detailing is also so good for summer, so it’s a double win!

As for the skirt; Revolve has such a variety that fits not only this outfit but really any butter yellow look you want to style, monochromatic or not!

This set is absolutely amazing

In our opinion, the best thing about integrating color into any outfit is that it gives it a splash of personality, a way to say “Hey! Here’s what I like and what works for me!” and that is so fun, especially for the warmer months of the year. Pastel yellow really is that fresh new trend that incorporates not only an opportunity to showcase who you are but also a subtle (or bold) way to make a statement. And what’s better than adding in some patterns and other fun colors to seal the outfit and get ready for spring? Well, nothing, really! That’s the best part of getting dressed, you can do it your way. 

This outfit screams spring! This is such a great way to wear pastel yellow, and although icy blue is going to be more common this spring, these navy-white stripy shorts just create the perfect contrast between the colors. We love how the jewelry just ties it all together and creates a (warmer) spring day look! You can definitely style this cardigan any way you like, and if it is still a bit chilly, opting for a longer version of these shorts is a great substitute! This look is perfect for any outside activity; picnics, markets, or a walk in the park! Embracing spring weather has never been so easy. Dress it up with a long flowy skirt or stay casual and take some inspo from the picture, either way, it’s a yes. 

This specific American Vintage cardigan is no longer available online, but we found a similar one that can work just as well and is just as cute.

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Super lightweight and perfect for Spring!

Such a staple for Summer

Pearl necklace with pop of gold is just perfect to recreate the look!

This article was all about Pastel Yellow Trend

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