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This is the New 'It' Bag Everyone is Going Crazy For and Why

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Have you heard of East-West bags? Well, you probably already own one and wore it multiple times! The concept is quite simple: bags that are rather longer than taller; they go from east to west. We tend to associate them with larger wallets but it’s not necessarily like that.

There are many options, but as long as the shape is more horizontal and the width is more than the length, then you are in front of an east-west bag. They can be quite spacious depending on the shape you go for, for example, a tote, but they can also be small ones perfect to fit just the essentials for an event, like a clutch.

We curated the best collection of East- West bags, from affordable to luxury bags!

East-West bags
Spotted in Paris by Linoya

Here are some bags inspired on this one Linoy spotted in the streets of Paris

This one has to be one of our favorites.

This is such a good dupe for the Miu Miu bag

This is definitely in my 2024 bucket list, it's the perfect shape, size and color!

This comes in a pretty similar color and a way more affordable price point.

Love the shape and color of this bag!

you can never go wrong with a Bottega Veneta bag

Of course we have you covered with a more reasonably priced dupe from Mango.

Anthropology always stay up to date with the latest trends, and never miss!

This article was all about the East-West bag trend.

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