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For the Love of Leather & Lace

When picking out your outfit of the day, it can be tough committing to just one aesthetic. Luckily, fashion is ever-changing, and should be an expression of your truest, most creative self! One trend spotted a lot on city streets recently has been mixing something edgy, like leather or boots, with a more flowy and delicate piece, like lace. This trend is such an exciting mix of aesthetics and has so many styling possibilities.

Here’s how I styled it on my recent trip to NYC!

The specific pieces are up to you; it can be a leather jacket, blazer, or cropped black trench. Add an item like a midi or asymmetrical lace skirt to give it the perfect feminine edge. Here are some jackets that would be a perfect addition to your closet for this style!

| Here is how you can recreate my look!

More accessories to go with this style!

| Here’s a style guide for some more inspiration:

collage of women styling lace skirt and leather jacket
Collage by: Jessica Brown, Image source: Pinterest (unknown)

Contributed by: Jessica Brown


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