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Trend Prediction: Cowboy boots; out. Biker Boots; In.

Okay, if you still haven't seen this trend prepare for it to be the "it girl" shoe of fall.

I personally love it(!!!) and what i've mostly been loving is how i've seen girls style it.

This is as if a feminine girly x biker boy had a baby. What do i mean? Imagine this: Biker boots, paired with a lather jacket and a flowy mini skirts and little pink string bows in the hair.

Such. A. Vibe. I am very excited to slowly seeing more of this style on the streets!

Here is where you can grub yours before they sell out!!

(Click image to shop)

Here is my vision:

I wonder what you guys think of it??

Here is where you can find everything. This outfit make me Eeeeeeek :) Do you like these types of collages? I love making them! Let me know if you'd like to see more of it.

That's all for the trend report for today (insert news anchor voice)

Lots of love,

Xx Linoya


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