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Hair Accessories: Trends to Expect in 2024

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Hair Accessories 

This season’s hair trends are straight from the 90’s and 2000s. These hair accessories are so youthful and easy to style! If you want to go into the new year with a ton of fresh new looks, keep reading!

hair accessories collage


Throwing on a thick headband is the easiest way to elevate your outfit! Headbands will give you the “winter girl” chic aesthetic, perfect for cozy days. They look so cute in black or white, plus they can be worn with your hair up or down! I love this hair trend styled in a cozy way, like in this look: 

Adding a headband keeps your hair out of your face, making it practical and fashionable. Experiment with other textures and colors too, like fur! This is perfect for an even cozier vibe and doubles as earmuffs! 

Bows & Braids

Another super easy hairstyle is braids with bows! This look is not only versatile, but quick, easy, and so cute. You can try doing two braids, one braid, or however many you want! I have seen this trend everywhere recently, it seems to be a staple hairstyle for this year. The most popular ways I have seen bows & braids styled are like this: 


This look is gorgeous and luxurious, and you can use a scarf that you already have! Styling silk scarves has been trendy recently in a few different variations. A super chic way to style silk scarves is to simply wrap the scarf around your head, like in this look: 

Scarves also look gorgeous when used to tie your hair back! This is another really easy & quick style. This season is all about comfort, so it’s only fair we try out these coordinating hairstyles! For tying the hair back, I love this specific look: 

The Claw

At this point, if you haven't tried the claw clip…where have you been? Seriously, claw clips are such an easy way to put your hair back, and they come in so many sizes and colors. There are claw clips for putting all your hair back, half up half down hairstyles, and even ones that are shapes! Claw clips are definitely worth it if you put your hair up a lot and are looking for a cute & practical hairstyle. I personally have so many claw clips and I spend so much less time doing my hair, simply because the clip gives me all the styling I need! 


Here’s another staple- the scrunchie! These hair ties are an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit. You can color coordinate your looks with your hair accessories, and it’s so easy when done with scrunchies! You can find any texture, any color, any size! These are easily a fan favorite and will be following us into the new year. 

Scrunchies with embellishments like flowers or other shapes are a great statement for tons of looks. I love the look of flower scrunchies, like the trendy Sandy Liang ones! 

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