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Let's Talk Business (Casual)

Business attire has become the new uniform for everyday wear this fall. I’ve been spotting it everywhere I go, between New York, Paris, and LA recently! I love the effortless chic it’s giving with its silhouette, structure, and toned down colors-it's hard to go wrong!​​ I’ve been seeing so many people on the streets styling a good fun structured suit with a pair of loafers or sneakers! And my personal favorite, a good pointy flat, it’s just so chic!

Business casual womens outfit

Here are some of the best blazers I’ve come across while shopping the business casual trend:

Of course, the look isn’t complete without a pair of trousers, so here are a couple of pairs that caught my eye:

I’ve also been spotting a super laid back approach to the trend! Like a good blazer or pin striped button-down shirt with a casual pair of jeans & flats. Here’s a style guide for some ways to style the “business casual” chic:

collage of business casual looks
Collage by: Jessica Brown

I imagine this trend in so many fun colors and prints, like burgundy, navy, or gray and patterns like houndstooth, & pinstripes. It’s all about trial & error until finding what you like!

Here’s some inspiration for styling this trend!

collage of business casual looks
Collage by: Jessica Brown

I found some fun & casual pieces for mixing and matching. These will make the perfect addition to any outfit and give a refined yet exciting look to the outfit!

Contributor: Jessica Brown


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