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Trend Alert - 80' Bangle Bracelets

June is here, which means its officially time to start getting inspired for Summer, wherever you may spend it! We've been spotting one of the best trends of the season recently - the 80's inspired bangle bracelets! Whether in gold or bright colors, this is the perfect touch to any summer outfit. Imagine wearing a white or black simple dress - the bracelets instantly upgrade any look! When we spot people on the streets with some amazing accessories, it always makes us think like "they know what they're doing." We definitely want to be on that side of the street!

a woman wearing stylish resin bangle bracelet

The options are endless - mixed materials, cuff bracelets , stacking, mix & match, Moroccan style, Greek Goddess style, we love it all.

In addition to colorful plastic bracelets we'll be seeing a lot of silver/ gold stacking with different sizes and models, here is a little style guide!

1 Comment

Jun 06, 2023

Love a chunky bangle!

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