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5 Trend Prediction to Expect in 2024 and Stylish Ways to Rock Them Daily

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As the new year begins, it is time for trend predictions, and 2024 is surely going to bring us another great round of fashion. I have already noticed a few trends on the streets to keep an eye on. We see fashion trends in their most extreme forms on runways, but here is the proof that you can incorporate them just as well into your everyday wear.

Sheer but not nude:

Chic sheer will definitely be in this year, and to rock it in the street without revealing too much, pair a sheer lacy top with a cute bra. Like this, you’ll also be surfing on another trend of the year: lace. Here is some inspiration:

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The grandpa style: 

It is said that this year’s style inspiration will be our granddads so let’s bring back our cardigans, polos and sweater vests. It’s all in the colors, the patterns and the fabrics, so don’t be hesitant to lean towards plaid, tweed and earthy tones. Or play withaccessories: loafers, round glasses, hats, even suspenders. Adding a few touches of grandpa style into a modern outfit is the key to make it trendy. Here are a few easy-to-wear looks to copy:

2024 trend predictions

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Another trend that we’ve seen rising at the end of 2023 and that will continue into 2024 is bows everywhere. The easiest way to wear it subtly is in your hair, with braids for example. You can find inspiration in this article.

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Maxi accessories: 

The easiest trend to follow and yet, it can elevate any outfit and make it much more chic. This year, we will love everything big: big earrings, big sunglasses, big bracelets... In gold or silver, obviously, because metallic looks will also be in in 2024. Here is a look I loved for inspiration: 

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